Watching Skylan Brooks (left) in ‘Mister & Pete’ is like watching a star being born (Photo Credit: Lionsgate Entertainment).

Understanding the Genius

            For true movie geeks, exploring a new film on DVD or Blu-ray sometimes proves more intriguing than actually sitting in a theater.

            The special features and behind the scenes footage allows moviegoers to enter the minds of the filmmakers and actors to fully understand their motives behind each scene.

            In a movie as profound as “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete,” profound is actually an understatement to describe the powerful commentary provided by director George Tillman and actors Skylan Brooks (Mister) and Ethan Dizon (Pete).

            The DVD release of “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete” includes the DVD “usuals” like a music video from film producer Alicia Keys.

            Key’s “Better You, Better Me” featuring Marsha Ambrosius is a song of empowerment, which encourages young people to love themselves and to know themselves.  The two songbirds stress the importance of staying focused, knowing that you will make it despite all of the adversities of life.

            The most intriguing aspect of “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete” DVD is learning why certain scenes were cut from the film such as when Mister meets Alice (Jordin Spark); a library scene where Mister informs Pete that his mother is strung out on meth and the scene in which Mister discovers that Alice is dead.

            Tillman cut the death scene from the film because he believed that audiences would not be able to stomach so much pain and heartache befalling young children and teenagers.

            The DVD for the film also showcases how much training and preparation is required for each actor.

            For example, Brooks had to attend skateboarding boot camps to learn from the experts of that sport.  A skateboard is Mister’s only means of transportation throughout the streets of New York.

            Consultants from the Red Hook Projects of New York were also utilized to add another element of authenticity to the film.

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