Welcome To Regal Magazine the Online Black Men’s Magazine for the latest happenings in the African American Community.

Every now and then, a publication such as Regal Magazine comes along and becomes a voice for an underrepresented portion of American society. Launched in November 2006, Regal Magazine is a Black mens magazine that seeks to be a platform where Black men can debate important issues that are germane to their struggle and experience.

Readers of Regal Magazine can read articles that address such issues as Blacks in sportsAfrican American entertainmentbusiness in the African American communityAfrican American community newsAfrican American relationships, health issues in the Black community and current events affecting the African American community.


The Opinion section offers different perspectives on pertinent issues in the Black community and America as a whole. These issues range from Blacks in politics, education in the Black community, and Black community leaders in an effort to cast a positive light on issues that are often overlooked by the mainstream media.

The mainstream media has often portrayed African American men in a negative and stereotypical light, which has had a negative effect on younger generations of African American men. Often, the only portrayal young Black males see in mainstream media is the violent, misogynistic and thuggish African American that has become the stereotype for many who are not accustomed to the educated, white-collar, professional African American man that is sometimes overlooked in a society obsessed with negativity.


This online Black men’s magazine attempts to not only be a positive example for future Black community leaders, but also attempts to be one of the few mens magazines targeting the professional Black man. The sports section also attempts to cast a positive light on Blacks in sports. While perusing the sports page of many mainstream newspapers, one is bombarded by the stories of Blacks in sports and their trouble with the law. However, many Blacks in sports are often ignored when they give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of countless admirers. Those stories rarely make the press because of the stereotypical image that many want to maintain of African Americans in professional sports. Nevertheless, Regal Magazine attempts to highlight Blacks in sports and their contribution to disadvantaged communities in an effort to portray the positive side that is often overlooked in other publications.


The Lifestyle section contains articles focusing on Black men’s health, Black male and female relationships and African American lifestyle. African American health has been at the forefront of issues in the Black community. From hypertension to lack of health care, Regal Mens Magazine gives health issues in the Black community a platform to reach many readers and save many lives in the process. The Lifestyle section features articles from health experts whose expertise will help a lifestyle become a life-saving decision. This section also tackles Black love relationships from a Black man’s perspective. The advice given in this section from relationship counselors serves as a vehicle for Black men and women to discuss issues affecting their relationships and marriages and offers solutions to problems that affect everyone’s love life.


Black men in business are also profiled in Regal Magazine. This urban mens magazine features articles on Black men who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to succeed in the business world. It also features stories of job opportunities and scholarship opportunities to the thousands of visitors who read Regal Magazine.


The Community section of Regal Mens Magazine tackles issues in the Black community such as problems in the Black community, violence in the Black community, education in the Black community, poverty in the Black community, crime in the Black community, Blacks in politics and all relevant Black community problems.

Many times, mainstream publications ignore the plight of Black males. Some critics believe that African American men are not interested in reading about social and political issues. However, this African American men’s magazine is dedicated to being a voice for all Black men who feel left out of the mainstream and are looking for a platform to discuss issues that they feel are important to the African American community.

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