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Who is Best Player in History From Each NFL Team?

by Golden Herring


Barry Sanders (left) is the best player in Detroit Lions history, and one of the best running backs of all time (Photo Credit: AP Photo/Doug Mills, File).



Faces of the Franchise

Despite the ratings decline, the National Football League (NFL) is an American institution.

Many fans refuse to leave their homes on Sundays during the fall.  

Furthermore, the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday because most will be running on fumes from the night before.

Like it or not, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers are NFL royalty.

And the lowly Houston Texans, Detroit Lions and the latest reincarnation of the Cleveland Browns fight every year for respectability, let alone a Super Bowl title.

Despite the struggles of some NFL teams, all teams have had standout athletes to wear their colors.

Therefore, would like to honor the best player in history from each of the 32 NFL teams.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens—Ray Lewis, Linebacker

Cincinnati Bengals—Anthony Munoz, Offensive Tackle

Cleveland Browns—Jim Brown, Running Back

Pittsburgh Steelers—Terry Bradshaw, Quarterback

AFC South

Houston Texans—Andre Johnson, Wide Receiver

Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts—Johnny Unitas, Quarterback

Jacksonville Jaguars—Tony Boselli, Offensive Tackle

Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers—Earl Campbell, Running Back

AFC East

Buffalo Bills—O.J. Simpson, Running Back

Miami Dolphins, Dan Marino, Quarterback

New England/Boston Patriots—Tom Brady, Quarterback

New York Jets—Curtis Martin, Running Back

AFC West

Denver Broncos—John Elway, Quarterback

Kansas City Chiefs/Dallas Texans—Derrick Thomas, Linebacker

Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders—Marcus Allen, Running Back

San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers—Junior Seau, Linebacker

NFC North

Chicago Bears—Walter Payton, Running Back

Detroit Lions—Barry Sanders, Running Back

Green Bay Packers—Bart Starr, Quarterback

Minnesota Vikings—Fran Tarkenton, Quarterback

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons—Deion Sanders, Cornerback

Carolina Panthers—Steve Smith, Sr., Wide Receiver

New Orleans Saints—Drew Brees, Quarterback

Tampa Bay Buccaneers—Warren Sapp, Defensive Tackle

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys—Roger Staubach, Quarterback

New York Giants—Lawrence Taylor, Defensive End

Philadelphia Eagles—Reggie White, Defensive End

Washington Redskins—Darrell Green, Cornerback

NFC West

Arizona/Phoenix/ St. Louis Cardinals—Larry Fitzgerald, Wide Receiver

Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams—Jackie Slater, Offensive Tackle

San Francisco 49ers—Jerry Rice, Wide Receiver

Seattle Seahawks—Steve Largent, Wide Receiver

This article was published on Friday 18 November, 2016.
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