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Black Voter Outreach, Not Voter Suppression Needed for GOP to Rebound by Todd A. Smith
Voter suppression attempts will only lead to more determined Black voters
Published: Friday 26 February, 2021
Thankful Voter Suppression Tactics Did Not Work (This Time) by Todd A. Smith
Unfortunately, African-Americans will have to fight voter suppression forever
Published: Friday 27 November, 2020
Stop the Steal Should Be Biden's Mantra by Todd A. Smith
Donald Trump trying to steal presidential election, not Biden
Published: Friday 20 November, 2020
Blacks Have Lot to Lose; GOP Has Even More to Lose by Todd A. Smith
Suppressing Black vote will come back to bite GOP on behind
Published: Friday 16 October, 2020
Georgia Exact Match Law Exactly as Racist as Voter Suppression Laws of Past by Todd A. Smith
Georgia’s exact match law another way of disenfranchising Black voters, swaying elections toward GOP
Published: Friday 19 October, 2018
Add Voter Purging to List With Poll Taxes, Grandfather Clauses by Todd A. Smith
Voter purging just a way to limit voting rights for poor, minority citizens
Published: Friday 15 June, 2018
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