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My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shed His own blood on Calvary to save all mankind from sin.

His only purpose on Earth was to save souls if only people believe He died on the cross and rose on the third day.

Christians have believed that for over two thousand years.

Now, some so-called (mostly White and some Black and Brown) evangelical Christians falsely believe that former President Donald Trump is like the second coming of the messiah.

Some so-called White pastors have even stood in the pulpit to claim that if people do not vote for Trump, then they are not Christian.

Although the Bible says do not kill or murder, Trump said that if he does not win reelection, there will be a blood bath in America.

Unless he is talking about late rapper DMX soaking himself in blood for his sophomore album “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood,” in 1998, a bloodbath means other people’s blood will spill.

That contradicts everything Christian, biblical, moral or just decent.

And any true Christian will know that Trump is the most unbiblical, un-Christian, immoral and unjust person to ever occupy the Oval Office.

Christ was God in human form.

On the contrary, Trump is so obviously Satan in human form.

He is the anti-Christ that so many have read about in the Bible.

But the real question is how do so-called Christians and decent people as a whole fall for this sham?

I had a conservative friend tell me that former President Barack Obama was the anti-Christ because a couple of his policies did not coincide with the Bible.

But why are so many of those people worshipping a former president whose entire life conflict with the Bible?

On March 17, civil rights icon Rev. William Barber II visited The Church Without Walls in Houston with the answer to that perplexing question.

Too many Christians worship God without a conscience.

Barber preached from Luke 4 during his sermon.

That is why so many can proclaim to love God, then treat their fellow man as if they are less significant and sometimes even less than an animal.

In fact, Trump and his ungodly MAGA minions did not start the trend of worshipping God without a conscience.

That trend is as old as the world, and the United States was founded by worshipping God without a conscience.

How can a country claim to love God but then commit genocide on Native Americans?
They were worshipping God without a conscience.

How can a nation claim to love God but then participate in chattel slavery?

The answer is they worshipped God without a conscience.

How could a nation get upset at Mexican immigrants trying to get into Texas for a better life when Texas is actually their country to begin with because America stole it from our neighbors from the South?

You guessed it.

Because they worship God without a conscience.

Worshipping God without a conscience is why so many people favor a devilish wannabe dictator because they see him as some kind of crusader for Christ when he does not know Christ any more than he knows the man in the moon.

If a person is truly sent by God, like Barber and the late great Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., they would put others before themselves because those serving God are selfless and not self-absorbed and selfish.

Worshipping God without a conscience makes politicians turn a blind eye to poverty and focus instead on maintaining personal or partisan power.

But politicians who claim to love Christ cannot actually love Him if they turn a blind eye to what He cared so much about.

A politician, or any leader for that matter, cannot love the Lord and love the current political and business power structure that keeps the wealth amongst the very few while keeping very many impoverished.

Most importantly, people cannot focus on a couple of sins in the Bible, while ignoring so many sins, including their own.

I met a lady, who I recently wrote about, that told me she could not vote for President Joe Biden because his administration was forcing LGBTQ+ ideas upon her grandchildren.

Although the Bible said to respect our leaders, she bluntly told me she could not respect President Biden.

Whether she knew it or not, she was justifying her disobedience of God’s Word while condemning the LGBTQ+ community for their disobedience to God’s Word.

Make it make sense because it does not.

If a person, politician or political party is so against sin, they should be against all sins and not just y’all’s sin.

The Bible does not just condemn the sin that we do not like.

It also condemns the sins that we like.

The Word of God should be like a mirror exposing all our imperfections, not just the imperfections of others.

Unfortunately, we have a Christian community that cares more about punishing others for their sins instead of saving themselves from their own sin.

As a result, Christians get farther and farther away from Christ instead of closer to Him.

In the meantime, and in between time, we push nonbelievers farther and farther away because the example we set is so opposed to everything Christ stood for that no nonbeliever would ever want to be like us.

Occupying a space that is light years away from Christ is why some s0-called Christians believe a person that wants blood shed if he does not get his way represents a Savior who voluntarily shed His own blood for the benefit of others.

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