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How many times does a person have to say something evil before it is no longer a coincidence?

When former President Donald Trump says something that harkens back to the days of segregation and the Holocaust, his MAGA supporters often chalk it up to coincidence.

But what is in a person’s heart eventually comes to life through their words and actions.

And Trump’s actions and words show that he fashions himself as a White supremacist and Adolf Hitler-type of leader, and that will be horrific for the country and the entire world.

Hopefully, Trump’s hatred will convince people that the world is better with a healer-in-chief like President Joe Biden than a divider-in-chief that will take the world backwards and instead of forward.

This week, the Trump campaign faced backlash for releasing a social media video that made references to a Trump victory and the coming of a “unified Reich.”

While Trump blamed a campaign staffer for inadvertently using a visual with that phrase on it, when you have a history of inflammatory statements like calling immigrants “vermin,” many people will not give you the benefit of the doubt.

The former president has dined with White nationalists and said that there were good people on both sides of an antisemitic protest that resulted in deadly violence.

And like President Biden said, the word “Reich” is the language of Hitler.

Previously, Trump has used Hitler-like language when he said that immigrants are poisoning the blood of America.

Trump called the Biden administration a “Gestapo administration.”

The Gestapo were Nazi police officers.

The former president has said that Hitler had done some good things.

But what good can a person do if they are also responsible for the death of millions of Jews?

At a time in world history when over a thousand Jews were murdered by Hamas in Israel on Oct. 7, anyone making references to Nazi Germany should automatically disqualify themselves from holding any position of political power.

At a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin has attempted to take over Ukraine, and then possibly other European countries, anyone who sides with Putin’s thuggery should automatically disqualify themselves from holding any position of political power.

However, we live in such a divided and hateful time, that a presidential candidate that pushes such devilish things has a legitimate chance of taking control over the most powerful country in the world.

There was a time when American presidents were the moral leaders of a divided world.

Other countries looked to America for guidance.

Other countries looked to us to help negotiate peace.

Other countries looked to us to save the world from tyranny.

Now, half the country supports tyranny and oppression.

Half the country supports a candidate who wants to become a dictator and wants to get revenge on all his detractors.

Half the country supports a presidential candidate who has called for the death penalty for teenage Black and Brown boys as punishment for a crime that they did not commit.

Then, when it is proven that they were innocent, he refuses to retract his call for the death penalty.

Half the country supports a candidate who says that he wants his supporters to take their country back and make America great again.

But when he says he wants to take his country back, make no mistake that he means that he wants to take it back from anyone who is not White and does not support his devilish and dictatorial tendencies.

Half of the country supports a presidential candidate who does not support diversity, equity and inclusion.

His campaign makes no effort to reach out to Black voters.

But still, there are some Black people that believe the Black community needs Trump back in the White House.

Those Black Trump supporters must think the Black community needs to go back to a time when they were considered second-class citizens because that is how the 45thPresident of the United States sees us.

He sees Blacks as “workers,” not leaders that are his equal.

Half of the country supports a political party that wants to rewrite history books so that younger generations will not learn about the atrocities of slavery and the Holocaust.

If the younger generation is not aware of things like slavery and the Holocaust, then there is a higher likelihood that history could repeat itself.

While Trump digs up Hitler’s body to perform fellatio on him, while doing the same thing to other dictators across the world, half the country wants to support a future Holocaust because they believe the price of eggs and milk are too high.

Half the country wants to support the next Hitler because they believe Biden is too old and has a stutter, even though his childlike opponent is only four years younger.

Furthermore, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is over 70-years-old himself.

Therefore, America will have an old commander-in-chief over the next four years regardless of who wins.

Many people say that Hitler’s regime was able to wreak havoc on Germany and the rest of Europe because initially they did not take him seriously.

The same thing happened to America in 2016 and 2020.

Many Americans did not take Trump’s rhetoric seriously during his previous presidential campaigns.

As a result, America has become more hateful and divided.

Asa result, America almost lost its beloved democracy on Jan. 6, 2021.

The warning signs are obvious to anyone with eyes.

The question is, will Americans see the signs and avoid catastrophe before it is too late?

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