Golf icon Tiger Woods is slowly returning to his old form on  the course.


Eye of the Tiger 

Tiger, Tiger Woods y’all.

Eldrick Tont Woods, aka Tiger Woods, finally looks like his old self on the golf course.

Now, television executives can start breathing a sigh of relief because Tiger Woods always brought box office appeal to the country clubs.

And youngsters like Rory Mcllroy, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler might have to start worrying about competing with their hero at his full strengths and capabilities.

Tiger Woods seems almost back to normal after shooting an even par at the Honda Classic this past weekend.

He even seemed looser than usual, joking with opponents and acknowledging the fans more than in years past.

But what has he done to get back to his old form? takes a look at Woods’ adjustments (in his words) and how those adjustments will impact his future play, especially with the Masters coming up.

Woods is no longer in pain after struggling with back problems for years.

“I’m not in pain. I am a lot happier. I’ve been struggling for quite some time. Been probably five years now. It was a long period of time where I was really struggling.”

The three-time Masters winner has been working on the speed of his putts.

“I had terrible speed and it showed…[so I] worked a little on my putting since I’ve been home each and every day. Same basic drills. Little gate drill, two tees there, just making sure I hit every putt solid, every putt flush.”

He is simply hitting the ball better.

“My expectations have gone up. I’m hitting the ball better. I knew I could putt it, I know I can chip it, but I didn’t know how well I was going to hit it…I feel very happy the way I played the entire week. I really controlled my ball flight. This wind, you can get exposed pretty easily and I felt like I had control. I feel like each time out I’ve gotten better and I’ve gotten more of a feel for playing tournament golf. The last couple of days, it felt easy to play tournament golf. The warm up felt good. I get into the flow of the round. I could find the rhythm of the rounds faster.”

What does he need to do to keep improving?


“I need to get back in the gym again and start training. I just need to keep feeling good. Body feels good. I just need to keep feeling good. But I feel positive about it. I’ve been away from tournament golf for so long, that I’m starting to feel the rounds. I’m starting to get into it quicker, feel the pace, feel the shots and get a better sense of it.”

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