According to, Howie Kendrick and the Los Angeles Dodgers will hammer their way to the 2016 World Series (Photo Credit: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill).


Who Will Win it All?


Some baseball purists believe that the pennant chase is not the same when the Yankees are irrelevant. 

Well, the traditional pennant chase between the Yankees and the Red Sox is more nostalgia with no sign in the near future of being a reality.


The American League East is one of the closest pennant races going now.  

It’s a toss up between the Baltimore Orioles, the Boston Red Sox, and the Toronto Blue Jays.


The Big Three in the American League East will beat each other up, producing a wounded, and limping pennant chase winner.


Will Boston’s pitching rotation be enough to splinter off the hopes of the big bats of Baltimore or Toronto? predicts the winner of the American League East pennant chase will be the Baltimore Orioles.  


Many feel the Cleveland Indians rode the winning coattails of the NBA champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers.  

From June 11 through June 25, the Cleveland Indians franchise put major distance between themselves and the American League Central, and it’s their division to lose.  

The Indians’ chances to grab the pennant in the American League Central is more a matter of the Indians continuing to do what they’ve been doing all year, which is play small ball and work pitchers into bad counts for their timely hitting to manufacture runs.  

If they continue to do this, no one will catch them. predicts the Cleveland Indians will win the American League Central.


The American League West pennant chase is being dominated by the Texas Rangers.


It’s the Texas Rangers and no one else.  Seriously.  

Many feel that not only do they have momentum but also that this is their moment. predicts the Texas Rangers will win the American League West.


And representing the American League in the World Series, predicts the Cleveland Indians.  

Maybe because it’s the older of the two leagues, the senior circuit, the National League has always been more intriguing.  Even their uniforms look better.  

Early on in the season, in mid-May, the National League East was up for grabs.


Everyone had a foot in the race for the pennant chase except the Atlanta Braves.  

Something happened in the month of July.  

Who knows? 

Maybe there were a lot of bribes left at the altar.  

It took a little while, but heading into these dog days of August, the Washington Nationals look strong in the National League East.  

If they can stay healthy, and that’s a big IF, they are the team to beat. predicts that the Washington Nationals will win the National League East.  

Is this the year for the Chicago Cubs?  1908 was a long, long time ago.  They’ve picked up where they left off last year.  Did someone say unfinished business perhaps? does not want to jinx the Cubs, but the National League seems weak overall this year.  

Well, Cubby fans, could this be your year? predicts the Chicago Cubs will win the National League Central.


It’s only fitting that in a game steeped in tradition, the traditional National League rivals, the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers, are once again fighting for the pennant.  

Both teams, in a season that seems like a marathon, have found the strength to sprint toward the end.   

Like two racecar drivers playing chicken, neither wanting to blink first, they’re on a path for a direct collision and the last team standing will win the pennant.


You gotta love the pennant chase. predicts the L.A. Dodgers will win the National League West. predicts the Cleveland Indians will face the L.A. Dodgers in the World Series and the L.A. Dodgers will win the World Series.  

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