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Imagine America With No Racial Wealth Gap by Todd A. Smith
In order to decrease racism, discrimination, America has to decrease racial wealth, power gap
Published: Friday 31 July, 2020
Black Community Should Encourage Trade Schools as Much as Colleges by Todd A. Smith
Encouraging Black Americans to train for available jobs will increase Black homeownership, wealth
Published: Friday 29 June, 2018
Malia Obama Needs To Find Real Friends by Todd A. Smith
Malia Obama has to realize fake friends pretend very well, that makes her a target
Published: Friday 01 December, 2017
Gender Equality Has to Include Equal Punishment for Crimes by Todd A. Smith
Gender equality discussion must include discussion on women getting slapped on wrist for statutory rape
Published: Friday 29 July, 2016
Thanks to Classism, Prejudice Exists at HBCUs Too by Todd A. Smith
Black students just as likely to experience prejudice at Historically Black Colleges, Universities as at predominately White institutions
Published: Friday 04 March, 2016
Biker Gang Members Are Thugs Too by Todd A. Smith
Thug defined as rough criminal and definition applies to all people, not just Black people
Published: Friday 22 May, 2015
Black Community Should Heed Damon Dash's Advice on Entrepreneurship by Todd A. Smith
Although Damon Dash has made mistakes, mistakes sometimes best teacher
Published: Friday 20 March, 2015
Black Leaders Don't Ignore Crime; Media Ignores Them by Todd A. Smith
Many Black leaders, including Sharpton, work tirelessly to curb Black-on-Black crime
Published: Friday 05 December, 2014
Yes, Young Black Men Can Afford a $300 Belt by Todd A. Smith
New York teen latest victim of shopping while Black
Published: Friday 25 October, 2013
Rob Parker's RG3 Comments Epitomize Crabs in Bucket Mentality by Todd A. Smith
Comments by Rob Parker do more harm to Black community than good
Published: Friday 11 January, 2013
Black Elitism Should Not Be Misconstrued as Black Consciousness by Todd A. Smith
Black elitism causes the educated to look down on our history
Published: Friday 09 December, 2011
High Black Unemployment Shouldn't Discourage Our Dreams by Todd A. Smith
Recent college grads should get creative to overcome high Black unemployment
Published: Thursday 08 September, 2011
Are Wealthy African Americans Hated by Mainstream Society? by Todd A. Smith
Wealthy African Americans like Vick and Jackson face more scrutiny because of their skin color.
Published: Thursday 20 August, 2009
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