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Celebrities, Leaders Voice Opinion on Confederate Flag Controversy by Golden Herring
Many African-Americans see Confederate flag as divisive, while many Southern Whites see it with sense of pride
Published: Friday 26 June, 2015
Death of Eric Garner Turning Point for All Races by Todd A. Smith
Protestors of all races outraged about decision not to indict officer responsible for death of Eric Garner
Published: Friday 05 December, 2014
Is Racism Against Whites Worse than for Blacks? by Amity Paye
Study finds many White Americans believe racism against Whites worse than racism against Blacks
Published: Friday 07 February, 2014
Increasing Number of Black Hunters Despite Gun Control Debate by Meta J. Mereday
Many Black hunters disagree with president on controversy
Published: Friday 08 March, 2013
Racism in America: Black vs. Brown by Kevin Hunter
In 2012, racism in America has sometimes shifted to Black versus Latino
Published: Friday 22 June, 2012
Police Brutality Cases Must Cease by Todd A. Smith
Citizens must speak out to stop police brutality cases
Published: Thursday 17 February, 2011
African American Architects: Praise Long Overdue by Meta J. Mereday
African American architects made significant impact in design of great U.S. cities
Published: Thursday 18 March, 2010
Black Farmers Fight to Stay on Land by Meta J. Mereday
Black farmers fight for rights, despite obstacles.
Published: Thursday 11 March, 2010
Black Firefighters Struggle for Recognition Despite Heroism by Meta J. Mereday
Black firefighters not given same recognition following Sept. 11.
Published: Thursday 04 March, 2010
Black Veterans Still Not Receiving Their Due by Meta J. Mereday
Black veterans still facing unequal treatment.
Published: Thursday 21 January, 2010
Urban Homelessness Has a Black Face by Maco L. Faniel
The plight of urban homelessness affects Blacks disproportionately.
Published: Thursday 10 December, 2009
Male Suicide in the African American Community by Todd A. Smith
Men committing suicide rises in African American community.
Published: Thursday 29 January, 2009
Single Mother Survives Homelessness by Todd A. Smith
Determination of single mother is inspiration for all.
Published: Tuesday 30 October, 2007
Driving While Black by Warren Cornelius
Sean Bell tragedy latest case of racial profiling.
Published: Thursday 28 June, 2007
A Soldier's Story by Todd A. Smith
Iraq War veteran continues tradition of Blacks serving valiantly in armed forces.
Published: Thursday 28 June, 2007
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