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Black Churches Should Rebuild Physically, Spiritually and Politically by Todd A. Smith
Black churches need to return to leadership role in community
Published: Friday 03 July, 2015
Charleston Shooting: Only Christ's Love Will Replace Hatred in America's Heart by Todd A. Smith
As nation struggles with Charleston shooting, laws cannot change heart, but rebirth can
Published: Friday 19 June, 2015
Those Criticizing Immoral Media Should Help Fix Problem by Todd A. Smith
Media favors secular over sacred, but it is on media critics to give industry balance
Published: Friday 03 April, 2015
Black Christians Existed Long Before Slavery by Todd A. Smith
Many dissuaded from Christianity because of slavery, but Black Christians date back to 4th century A.D.
Published: Friday 26 December, 2014
'Duck Dynasty' Controversy Teaches Tolerance Works Both Ways by Todd A. Smith
'Duck Dynasty' controversy brings light to discrimination against Christians
Published: Friday 03 January, 2014
Separation of Church and State Overused By Some by Todd A. Smith
Separation of church and state needed but not total removal of religion
Published: Friday 07 December, 2012
Murders in the Sikh Community Show Need for Unity by Todd A. Smith
Tragic murders in the Sikh community should encourage all to unite, despite differences
Published: Friday 10 August, 2012
History Will Judge Mayors' Stance on Chick-fil-A Controversy by Todd A. Smith
Whether for, against same sex marriage, Chick-fil-A controversy matter of First Amendment
Published: Friday 03 August, 2012
God Had Nothing to Do with George Zimmerman's Actions by Todd A. Smith
God's plan did not include George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin
Published: Friday 20 July, 2012
End of the World Prophecies Show God's Still in Control by Todd A. Smith
False end of the world prophecies, natural disasters should open eyes, hearts
Published: Thursday 26 May, 2011
Bishop Eddie Long Controversy Should Not Destroy Faith in Church by Todd A. Smith
People should put faith in God not pastors like Bishop Eddie Long.
Published: Wednesday 29 September, 2010
Not Allowing Ground Zero Mosque Shows Religious Intolerance by Todd A. Smith
Restricting where one can practice their beliefs shows religious intolerance.
Published: Thursday 26 August, 2010
Is Church on Wrong Side of Same Sex Marriage Debate? by Todd A. Smith
Critics of church believe church is constantly on wrong side of justice, like same sex marriage debate.
Published: Thursday 01 October, 2009
Is There Really a Decline in Christianity? by Todd A. Smith
Statistics show a possible decline in Christianity.
Published: Thursday 07 May, 2009
God's View on Same Sex Marriage by Todd A. Smith
What does the Bible say about same sex marriage?
Published: Thursday 29 May, 2008
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