Regal Queens

Name:  Mikea Turner


Age:  23

Hometown: Mitchellville in Prince George's County, Md…known as “PG” to the locals.

Current City: Salisbury, Md.

Occupation: Video Journalist, Producer,  Fill-in Weekend Anchor


What are some of your hobbies? 

Travel, model, cook, read, write, try new foods, and hit the beach!

What are some turn-offs or deal breakers in a relationship? 

Lack of ambition, unsupportive, smoker, cheater, liar.

Describe your ideal man.

Smart, funny, attractive, assertive, supportive, strong, monogamous, and a believer in God.

Describe your ideal date.

Candlelight dinner on the beach.

All photos by Visual Instincts by Alexis Chinery

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