Name: Candice Allen

Age: 25

Hometown: Donaldsonville, LA /Currently Residing- New Orleans, LA

Occupation: Model/Actress

What is your experience as a woman of color in the workplace?  Do you face any prejudices?

As a woman in the workplace I've faced a few obstacles.  Being a young, Black female I've constantly had to work harder than most to earn the respect of my co-workers and peers.

Is it more difficult to date Black men, as a successful woman of color?

No I don't think it is.  I try to surround myself with success.  If you're dating a successful, ambitious Black man they'll understand and support your success as well and not feel intimidated.


How do you Black men react to your success?  Are they supportive or intimidated?

Most Black men I know are impressed and respect what I do.  The secure ones are usually supportive.

Describe your ideal Black man.

God-fearing, strong, respectful, driven, secure and he to has have a great sense of style.


Describe your ideal date.

My ideal date…  He arrives at my door with tea roses (my favorite).   Followed by a candle light, three course meal and we finish the evening by taking a ride on a horse and carriage through the city.


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