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Blackface About-Face: People Should Have Room to Grow, Learn From Past Mistakes by Todd A. Smith
Several politicians have found themselves in hot water recently for blackface pictures
Published: Friday 15 February, 2019
Tom Brokaw's Comments on Hispanics Wreak Racism, Elitism by Todd A. Smith
Journalist Tom Brokaw said Hispanics should do better job assimilating into American culture
Published: Friday 01 February, 2019
Social Construct of Race Created to Justify Enslavement, Oppression of Black People, Other Minorities by Todd A. Smith
Race created to justify European conquests
Published: Friday 18 January, 2019
Hatred of Some Sort Behind Murder of Jazmine Barnes by Todd A. Smith
In order to murder innocent child like Jazmine Barnes, hatred had to be present in killer's heart
Published: Friday 04 January, 2019
White People Play Race Card Too, Just Ask Willie Taggart, Deshaun Watson by Todd A. Smith
If Black people get criticized for playing so-called race card, White people should too
Published: Friday 30 November, 2018
Racist Comments From Superintendent Should Disqualify Him From Leading Children by Todd A. Smith
Onalaska ISD superintendent made racist comments about Texans QB Deshaun Watson
Published: Friday 21 September, 2018
For U.S. To Become Post-Racial, it First Has to Become Post-Apathetic by Todd A. Smith
Research shows that racial apathy has replaced overt racism in many young people
Published: Friday 21 September, 2018
Colin Kaepernick, Nike Represent Change in American Power Structure by Todd A. Smith
Colin Kaepernick's Nike deal upsets many because blackballing did not work
Published: Friday 07 September, 2018
Roseanne Can't Insult Black People When Her Boss is Black by Todd A. Smith
As Blacks assume positions of power, bigotry against Blacks will become less tolerated in workforce
Published: Friday 01 June, 2018
Many Blacks Have Existing While Black Horror Stories by Todd A. Smith
Calling cops on Blacks for non-crimes potentially puts lives in danger
Published: Friday 25 May, 2018
Confederate Flag Represents Oppression, Slavery Not Pride by Todd A. Smith
Black Michigan high school students allegedly taunted with Confederate flag, racial slurs
Published: Friday 20 April, 2018
Zachery Deville Reason We Say Black Lives Matter by Todd A. Smith
Zachery Deville’s attempted murder of police chief reason why many say cops treat people differently based on race
Published: Friday 06 April, 2018
Stephon Clark Still Deserves Support Despite Self-Hatred by Todd A. Smith
Unfortunately, self-hatred shown by Stephon Clark’s tweets nothing new in Black community
Published: Friday 06 April, 2018
Sacramento Cops Muting Cameras Only Creates More Distrust by Todd A. Smith
Full transparency from Sacramento police might curtail anger a little
Published: Friday 30 March, 2018
Southern's Brown, Smith Killed By White Supremacy Not Just Gunman's Bullets by Todd A. Smith
1972 deaths of Leonard Brown, Denver Smith featured in HBCU doc 'Tell Them We are Rising'
Published: Friday 23 February, 2018
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