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Racial Hatred

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Hateful Words Often Lead to Hateful Action by Todd A. Smith
White supremacist propaganda reached alarming levels in 2020
Published: Friday 19 March, 2021
Black Community Should Join Asian Community in Fight Against Anti-Asian Racism by Todd A. Smith
In order to stop racism, people without dog in fight need to get hands dirty
Published: Friday 12 March, 2021
Such As He Is, President Trump Not First Racist President by Todd A. Smith
President Trump not first racist president, won’t be last
Published: Friday 24 July, 2020
United States of America is Misnomer by Todd A. Smith
America has always been divided by race, religion, politics, more
Published: Friday 10 July, 2020
Confederacy Was Never About Southern Pride, So How Can Flag Represent Pride? by Todd A. Smith
Confederacy seceded in order to maintain slavery, not to show Southern pride
Published: Friday 26 June, 2020
Levels to Racism: All Ignorance Ain't Created Equal by Todd A. Smith
Racism appears in various forms, many people have various racist traits
Published: Friday 26 June, 2020
Say His Name: Ahmaud Arbery by Todd A. Smith
Ahmaud Arbery victim of jogging while Black
Published: Friday 01 May, 2020
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