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Race Relations

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N.Y. Officer Daniel Pantaleo Faces Hearing in Death of Eric Garner by Golden Herring
Death of Eric Garner, others galvanized Black Lives Matter movement
Published: Friday 17 May, 2019
Call for Reparations: 40 Acres, Mule Coming Soon? by Golden Herring
Several Democratic presidential hopefuls calling for reparations for descendants of slaves
Published: Friday 01 March, 2019
3 N.C. Confederate Monuments to Stay With Added Context by Golden Herring
UNC students toppled Confederate monument on Chapel Hill, N.C. campus
Published: Friday 24 August, 2018
African-Americans Speak On Removal Of Confederate Monuments by Todd A. Smith
Many African-Americans favor removal of all Confederate monuments, while others want them to remain
Published: Friday 18 August, 2017
Media Outlets Debate What Really Happened to Michael Brown by Michael Allen
Court documents, documentary have led some to question validity of Darren Wilsonís testimony, court decision
Published: Friday 17 March, 2017
Remembering Black Wall Street 1921 Massacre by Golden Herring
Black Wall Street 1921 riot destroyed thriving Black community in Oklahoma
Published: Thursday 21 July, 2016
SiriusXM's 'White in America' Gives Voice to Other Side of Racism Debate by Golden Herring
SiriusXM Urban View, a channel dedicated to Black community, gives White community chance to express views on race via 'White in America'
Published: Friday 10 July, 2015
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