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Political Issues

Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Obama and Terrorism: America After Osama by Joshua Johnson
Americans discuss views on Obama and terrorism, death of Osama bin Laden
Published: Thursday 19 May, 2011
Black Contractors Still Struggling to Stay in Loop by Meta J. Mereday
Black contractors still facing discrimination
Published: Friday 29 April, 2011
Effect of Medicare Reform on African Americans by Meta J. Mereday
Medicare reform will have huge impact on African American community
Published: Friday 29 April, 2011
Recent Natural Disasters Shouldn't Make Us Forget Katrina by Todd A. Smith
Recent natural disasters, like Japanese tsunami, shouldn't make us neglect New Orleans
Published: Thursday 17 March, 2011
Finally! Black Farmers Settlement Appears Near by Meta J. Mereday
Black farmers settlement nears fruition after years of struggle
Published: Friday 17 December, 2010
President Obama Approval Rating Remains High in Black Community by C.J. Clemmons
Despite low numbers overall, President Obama approval rating strong in Black community
Published: Thursday 09 December, 2010
Racial Profiling Cases on Center Stage After High-Profile Arrest by John B. Landers
Arrest of Henry Louis Gates brings attention to racial profiling cases.
Published: Friday 31 July, 2009
Obama's Inspiration for African American Community by Maxsane Mitchell
Historic presidency should motivate African American community.
Published: Thursday 12 March, 2009
San Francisco Man Attempts to Reform Prison System in California by Horace Miskel
Allen Jones launches campaign called California Clemency.
Published: Tuesday 22 July, 2008
Blacks in Politics Still Face Hatred by Horace Miskel
Obama, and other Blacks in politics, still face discrimination from bigots.
Published: Friday 09 May, 2008
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