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Police Brutality

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Dejuan Guillory's Past Should Have Nothing To Do With His Death by Todd A. Smith
In death, Black men like Dejuan Guillory should not always be judged by past indiscretions
Published: Friday 14 July, 2017
Nothing More to Say After Verdict in Philando Castile Death by Todd A. Smith
Philando Castile did everything right, still died with no accountability for officer
Published: Friday 23 June, 2017
Stereotyping of Black Men Killed Terence Crutcher by Todd A. Smith
Unfortunately, to some Terence Crutcher looked like 'a big, bad dude'
Published: Friday 23 September, 2016
Until We See Each Other as Brothers, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile Just Beginning by Todd A. Smith
Deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile will be in vain if we do not see each other as brothers, sisters despite racial differences
Published: Friday 08 July, 2016
School Resource Officer Shows How Men Shouldn't Treat Females by Todd A. Smith
Those who support actions of school resource officer Ben Fields condoning violence against women
Published: Friday 30 October, 2015
Christian Taylor Wrong, But Did Not Deserve Death by Todd A. Smith
Although Christian Taylor wrong for behavior, his actions did not warrant death sentence from cop
Published: Friday 14 August, 2015
Samuel DuBose Death Shows Compliance Doesn't Always Save Black Lives by Todd A. Smith
Killing of Samuel DuBose shows many need to go back to drawing board with solutions to police brutality
Published: Friday 07 August, 2015
We Need More Sandra Blands Alive, On Front Line by Todd A. Smith
Sandra Bland death one more casualty of war in battle against police brutality
Published: Friday 24 July, 2015
Eric Casebolt, McKinney Pool Party: All Responsible if All Don't Speak Out Against Racism by Todd A. Smith
Eric Casebolt, other incidents can be avoided if all speak out when they hear racist rhetoric
Published: Friday 12 June, 2015
Michael Brelo Acquittal: DOJ Rules Good First Step to End Police Brutality by Todd A. Smith
African-Americans need clear strategy to end police brutality, not just more marches in wake of Michael Brelo acquittal
Published: Friday 29 May, 2015
Black Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Death Should Alter Narrative by Todd A. Smith
Black officers charged in Freddie Gray death show that abuse of power extends to cops of all races
Published: Friday 08 May, 2015
Baltimore Gangs Should Continue to Unite to Influence Positive Change by Todd A. Smith
Baltimore gangs like Bloods, Crips say they did not encourage residents to hurt officers
Published: Friday 01 May, 2015
All Races, Cops Need to Unite to End Police Brutality by Todd A. Smith
To prevent police brutality we need to see each other as allies, not enemies
Published: Friday 17 April, 2015
Black Lives, Like Walter Scott, Included in All Lives Matter Movement by Todd A. Smith
Critics of Black Lives Matter should remember Black lives like Walter Scott included in All Lives Matter
Published: Friday 10 April, 2015
Stereotypes of African Americans Killed Michael Brown, Others by Todd A. Smith
Black men like Michael Brown seen as threat even if there is no threat
Published: Friday 28 November, 2014
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