Malia Needs to Find Out Who Her Real Friends Are

Former First Daughter Malia Obama’s only fault as a young adult is she does not know who her real friends are.

Over the last year or so, videos have surfaced of her doing what young adults do, especially college students, like partying with friends, smoking cigarettes and kissing their significant other.

Other than smoking being unhealthy along with a lot of other things like fried foods, too many carbs, etc., there is nothing wrong with a 19-year-old smoking a cigarette.

But for some reason, one of the only two Black first daughters in American history is seen by some conservative websites as being the anti-Christ for simply doing what is legal and normal and what is to be expected.

Her father, former President Barack Obama, faced hell at the hands of some conservatives just because of the way he looks, no matter what critics say to the contrary.

Her mother, former First Lady Michelle Obama received criticism for simply exposing her bare arms.

Therefore, the treatment Malia Obama is receiving comes with the territory for any successful African-American, especially one that took a position usually held exclusively by White Americans.

But the problem that Malia Obama has can possibly cause far more damage if she is not careful.

Having the wrong “friends” in her circle can be more harmful than having a million haters; especially if she knows her haters are out to get her.

Many people pretend to be a person’s friend if it is in their best interests.

Signing my first television contract for “Regal Roundtable” reintroduced me to “friends” that I had not heard from in years.

Let me rephrase that.

Shooting episodes of my first television program reintroduced me to “friends” I had not heard from in years.

When I began raising funds to produce “Regal Roundtable,” I was shocked by how few friends I really had.

When I needed them, they were nowhere in site.

When they needed me, I was somehow their best friend.

In actuality, they were opportunists and not friends.

I have “friends” that have tried to ruin my television career.

And I have had “friends” who have stolen ideas from my show and presented them like they were their own ideas.

My experiences are not very different than all human beings because we all go through times when life reveals one’s true friends and one’s fake friends or “frenemies.” 

However, Malia Obama’s situation is truly different.

Because America is a very racist country and her dad was the first United States president from the African-American race, Malia Obama and her entire family truly have enemies.

Furthermore, real money can probably be earned from releasing unflattering information on Malia Obama.

Therefore, Malia Obama needs to always have her guard up unless she is with her immediate family.

No one is to be trusted fully.

Some people can be trusted more than others, but that is only after one reveals their true motive and personality, and trust me it is hard to hide the truth and pretend for very long.

Unfortunately, I have heard people say that Malia Obama should not hang out with people of other races because only African-Americans can provide that true friendship that she needs.

That is totally false because the crabs in the bucket mentality is still prevalent in the African-American community and just because someone is your “skinfolk” does not make them your kinfolk.

Malia Obama should keep an open mind and determine who her real friends are based on the content of their character and not the color of her skin.

When she determines that the content of their character is admirable, only then can she somewhat let her guard down and somewhat trust her so-called friends.

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