Gender Equality Also Means Equal Time for Equal Crime


Twenty-four year old single mother Alexandria Vera finally had it all.

She had a great career as an English teacher at Stovall Middle School in Houston.

She had her own home.

She had the man of her dreams and the support of his family.

And she had recently discovered she would have her second child with her boyfriend of nine months.

The only problem was her boyfriend was 11 years her junior and she was only 24-years-old herself.

If you’re math illiterate like myself, that made her boyfriend only 13-years-old.

Instead of meeting on a blind date, Vera’s relationship proved that she was blind to reality for dating her middle school student, allowing him to spend the night daily, have sex daily and impregnate her.

The problem in this heinous situation is definitely Vera and the boy’s supportive family.

But a problem also exists in society as a whole as women raping boys is seen as a good thing, while men raping young girls are justifiably seen as criminals.

In a society that say it’s all in on gender equality, I call nonsense on that assumption because if self-described feminists wanted true equality between the sexes, they would declare an all out assault on grown women raping little boys and calling it love like Vera did.

While 95 percent of statutory rape victims are female according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the stereotype of old men preying on little girls is one-sided.

“Statutory rape literature has focused primarily on female victims.  Recent high profile cases of educator sexual misconduct involving female teachers and their teenage male victims bring into question the commonly held statutory rape offender/victim stereotype in which predatory older men prey on young female victims,” according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

While I do not doubt the numbers provided above, I have to disagree with rapper Jay-Z when he said numbers do not lie.

In the case of statutory rape, numbers can lie when the news media refers to a woman accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a young boy as having sex with the young boy.

And on the same token, the same news outlets will say that a man raped a little girl if they were engaged in a prolonged sexual relationship.

While it is obvious that men and women will continue to behave in sexually deviant ways, if we treated both scenarios with equal judgment I think the number of female teachers sleeping with students would decrease significantly.

Men and women are both to blame for this double-standard might I add.

We as men need to stop patting young boys on the back after illegal sexual conquests.

And both genders need to pay less attention to the physical beauty of the female rapists.

As we know throughout history, criminals can be attractive too, but that does not mean they’re no longer criminals or too pretty to survive in prison like a judge said about former teacher Debbie LaFave.

The OJJDP reported that, “Of all offenders of male statutory rape victims, 94 percent were female.”

When men and women commit the same crime, they should get the same punishment.

Different laws for different demographics are discriminatory, not equality.

If we can somehow treat each victim and offender equally maybe there will be fewer middle school students expecting to be fathers before they enter high school.

Maybe more teachers can have long and fruitful careers educating the next leaders of tomorrow.

Maybe Vera’s 4-year-old daughter could grow up with her mother in the home and not potentially in prison.

And maybe schools can start to again be a place where students learn math and history, and not automatically get an internship in sex-ed from their criminal teachers.

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