Teach Them the Right Thing…It’s Responsible Fatherhood


When I think about responsible fatherhood, I often wonder if I am doing all I can to shield my children from the many negative vices that are trying to attack them morally, spiritually, and even sexually.  We are currently in a time where it seems as though any and everything is accepted in society.  Nothing is immune.  Television, radio, magazines, school, and even church present our children with opportunities to learn polluted values and behavior.  How do we counter this?  Responsible Fatherhood…teach them the right thing.

I’ve often heard guys say, “Joe taught me everything I know.”  What exactly did Joe teach them? 

Did Joe allow them to drink and smoke at a young age?

Did Joe show them how to run “game” on women?

Did Joe decide to show them porn at a young age?

What they learned may not have been the best lessons guiding them to be honorable and respectful men. 

When it comes to responsible fatherhood, we must check ourselves and ask if we are teaching our kids the right thing…the right morals and values.  The last thing I want to see as a responsible father is my son growing up and not becoming a real man or having an obscure interpretation of how a real man should live his life.  On the flip side, I do not want my daughter growing up not knowing how she is to be treated by a man.

Just think about it…how will your children learn this if you don’t teach them?  Being an active proponent of responsible fatherhood ensures these lessons are learned.

How do we do it?

The first step towards responsible fatherhood is to be present in your child’s life.  What’s the lesson?  To your son, it lets him know he is to be present once he is older and has children.  To your daughter, it let’s her know what the “norm” is.  It IS “normal” to have a father present in a family.  Don’t let your daughter think otherwise.

The next step towards responsible fatherhood is recognizing what is right or wrong in all of your actions and behavior.  To do this, you need to look at yourself from an external point of view.  Yes…you must be critical of yourself.  Look at all areas of your life and don’t sweep any areas “under the rug.”  Once identified, ensure you are displaying the right actions and behaviors to your children.  Additionally, actively teach the right behaviors to your son or daughter.  Repetition is the key. 

Lastly, achieve responsible fatherhood by enjoying being a father to your children.  There is no greater joy than seeing your offspring grow up year after year right before your eyes.  Enjoy the special moments and capitalize on the teaching moments.  They will become memories that will last a lifetime.

I took a personal pledge over six years ago to be the best father possible to my children.  I realized back then one of the ways to be the best father, that responsible father, was to ensure I am teaching them the right thing. 

Are you teaching your children the right thing?

Wells is a contributing writer for Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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