This is White privilege at its finest, although you are biracial.

You kill my son for no apparent reason, although you claim self-defense, and you get away with it.

White supremacists even crowd sourced and raised money for you as if you were some kind of murdering messiah.

And now you have the “cheeks,” like my grandmother would say, to sue my ex and I for $100 million.

George Zimmerman, you must be out of your rabbit a$$ mind.

Civil lawsuits usually go to people who have suffered a tragic loss at the hands of someone else’s malice or negligence.

The family of Ronald Goldman sued O.J. Simpson for wrongful death.

But I have never heard of a killer suing the family of the person that they killed.

That’s like suing the dead deer you shot because the venison did not taste good.

If Simpson would have sued the Goldman family and Nicole Brown Simpson’s family, he would have faced a lynch mob.

For Zimmerman to think that he is owed $100 million from Martin’s family, book publishers and his prosecutors proves that when it comes to race, the justice system in America is a joke.

People think so little of African-Americans that they will take our lives, unjustifiably, and sue our family because they had to take our lives.

I hope that works in reverse for African-Americans because my family has lost five people to murder and I would love to collect my $500 million.

If you all never read another article or never see me on “Isiah Factor Uncensored” again, just know that I got broke off something lovely.

And to quote my grandmother again, I’m going to get me a home in a strange town where no one knows me, so I can enjoy my wealth in anonymity.

When Black people go to prison for decades for crimes they did not commit, they often get no money or very little money from the state that wrongfully locked them up.

Now, this fool Zimmerman wants $100 million from the Martins.

Zimmerman’s frivolous lawsuit says the defendants “have worked in concert to deprive Zimmerman of his constitutional and other legal rights.”

Get the hell out of here (GTHOH) with that tomfoolery.

What about Trayvon’s constitutional and civil rights?

Furthermore, we have proof that prosecutors coerce witnesses to convict innocent people.

However, those people are often African-Americans as the recently released Alfred Chestnut, Ransom Watkins and Andrew Stewart of Baltimore can attest.

Prosecutors coached witnesses to implicate them of murdering DeWitt Duckett, 14, for his Georgetown University Starter jacket in 1983.

The three boys went to prison at 16 years old. They got exonerated in their 50s.

Unfortunately, Maryland currently does not give financial compensation for wrongful convictions.

But Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby says she will push the state to start giving financial restitution for those wrongfully convicted.

The innocent trio of men deserves financial compensation, not Zimmerman.

If Zimmerman has come across a rough patch financially and emotionally all he had to do to avoid his current predicament was not kill an innocent teenage boy, especially after 911 operators told him to stop following that boy.

If Zimmerman is going through a rough patch, imagine what agony the Martin family endures everyday.

If Zimmerman is going through a rough patch, why not reach out to the idiots that donated money for your legal defense fund?

Zimmerman is suing the family and the prosecution for defamation and a “malicious prosecution.”

News flash to Zimmerman, defamation is when someone lies on you and damages your reputation.

Private people only have to prove negligence, but limited-purpose public figures, like Zimmerman, have to prove malice to win a defamation suit.

The problem is Zimmerman ruined his own reputation when he killed an innocent teenager on his way to his father’s house after shopping at a convenient store.

But what about the damage to Martin’s reputation?

What about how the media tried to portray him to look like a thug?

What about how Zimmerman painted him as a thug for just wearing a hoodie in February?

Was Martin defamed?

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Dead people cannot be defamed.

And thanks to Zimmerman, Martin is dead.

What was his life worth?

If you are worth $100 million, Martin’s life was worth $1 billion.

Where is his family’s money?

You killed Martin maliciously and now you want to cry about malice.

What about all of the unarmed African-American men killed by zealous police officers?

News organizations often try to paint them as thugs after their deaths.

Can their families collect $100 million from those news organizations and police officers for defamation?

But when real White thugs like Zimmerman commit rough crimes, as the definition of a thug suggests, they often get exonerated.

Zimmerman has remained in trouble with the law since the killing of Martin.

Therefore, he continues to damage his own reputation.

People like Zimmerman are what is wrong with America in 2019.

A certain demographic believes they control everything.

They do not.

A certain demographic thinks that America is just their country.

It is not.

And a certain demographic thinks African-Americans will not fight back.

We will.

And damage to a person’s reputation might not be the only damage inflicted, unfortunately.

“The plaintiff continues to display a callous disregard for everyone but himself, revictimizing individuals whose lives are shattered by his own misguided actions,” wrote civil rights attorney, Benjamin Crump. “He would have us believe that he is the innocent victim of a deep conspiracy, despite the complete lack of any credible evidence to support his outlandish claims.”

Zimmerman’s claims are definitely outlandish.

But unfortunately, that outlandish behavior stems from the epidemic known as White privilege and Zimmerman is severely infected with that disease.

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