Rachel Dolezal is Caitlyn Jenner; Caitlyn Jenner is Rachel Dolezal


America has always prided itself on equality.

Various demographics have fought for equality currently and in the past, but many Americans seem only to support equality and acceptance for demographics that they like or agree with.

That is not equality or acceptance at all.  It’s the epitome of hypocrisy and double standards.

Nothing exemplifies this more than the acceptance and praise of Caitlyn Jenner identifying herself as a woman and the vitriol aimed at Rachel Dolezal identifying herself as Black even though she was born to two White parents.

While I do not support Rachel Dolezal claiming a race that she does not belong to and hold no condemnation for Jenner, those who praised Jenner for being born male and identifying as a female should not hold any animosity towards Rachel Dolezal.

If one is really for acceptance and equality then one cannot pick and choose whom they accept and treat equally.

That’s inequality and the antithesis of acceptance.

According to the Associated Press, “Rachel Dolezal resigned as president of the NAACP’s Spokane chapter Monday, just days after her parents said she is a White woman posing as Black—a dizzyingly swift fall for an activist credited with injecting remarkable new energy into the civil rights organization.”

The Associated Press reported that Rachel Dolezal, 37, graduated from Howard University, a historically Black college, taught African studies at a local college and married a Black man.

Her parents stated that she began to “disguise herself” as Black after they adopted four Black children, but that she is in fact White with a trace of Native American ancestry.

Rachel Dolezal reportedly went on to lead the Spokane, Wash. NAACP chapter, claim racial discrimination by the White residents of the city and even sue Howard University for racial discrimination against her because she is White.

Her lies and fabrications indicate a confused and lost young lady who has been manipulating race for her personal gain for years.  But that does not make her a devil and Jenner an angel.

However, if those adjectives describe her then they should also describe Jenner.

God loves all of his children and if we love the transgender community, why shouldn’t we love the transracial community too?

Rachel Dolezal lied to people for years about her racial identity ranging from her friends to her colleagues to the younger generation, while Jenner lied about his true identity to his fans and to his family.

What’s the difference?

Unfortunately, the difference is in America we only say that we are open-minded, accepting and equal.

But what we really are is open-minded with like-minded individuals and groups and close-minded with those who disagree with us.

We accept what we like and agree with, and reject what we do not like and do not agree with.

And we are for equality for all, which means all who we like and agree with.

All we can do is pray for Rachel Dolezal, Jenner and others who struggle with their identity.


But whatever we do it is not for us to condemn them, especially if we only condemn some and love others.  

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