Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong


Killing police officers is beyond wrong.

Even with the unnecessary murders of Black men at the hands of some out-of-control police officers, violent retaliation is not the answer.

Likewise, blaming the Black Lives Matter movement for the actions of a sick and deranged individual like Shannon Miles, just because he is Black, is dangerous, beyond irresponsible and the epitome of playing the race card.

And those like Harris County, Texas Sherriff Ron Hickman, who believe that Deputy Darren Goforth’s cold-blooded murder is because of the movement to end police brutality without any proof to back up that claim should be ashamed of themselves.

Like many people of all races, I have heard some Black Americans ignorantly state that Black people should stop seeking peace with their adversaries and instead resort to bloodshed.

They use Black revolutionaries like Malcolm X as their muse for the impending “revolution.”

The problem with that uniformed rhetoric is that during Malcolm’s tenure with the Nation of Islam (NOI), he and the Black Muslims never inflicted violence on police officers or other White Americans.

According to the book “Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention” by Manning Marable, Malcolm and the Black Muslims’ only acts of violence were against other Black Muslims for violating NOI tenets.

Furthermore, worshippers of Malcolm fail to point out the change of heart he had towards the White man later in life and how those views negatively affected his popularity amongst so-called Black militants.

Even Malcolm came to realize that every White man, and every police officer, was not the enemy of the Black man.

On the other hand, people like Hicks who want to disregard the Black Lives Matter movement and blame the actions of a mentally unstable man, with a long history of violence towards police officers, on their efforts to enact police reform are no better than bigots from the past that branded leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as communist, which led to the COINTELPRO surveillance program by the FBI.

According to the Houston Chronicle, as a 20-year-old, “Miles was charged with resisting arrest, accused of pushing a Harris County deputy.  He pleaded guilty to a class A misdemeanor and was sentenced to eight days in jail…

“In 2009, he was charged with resisting arrest in a case in which he hit a Houston-area police officer.  Miles pleaded no contest in exchange for time served after spending six days in jail.”

The Houston Chronicle also reported that Miles “spent four months in a mental hospital in 2012 after being declared incompetent to stand trial in an aggravated assault case, courts record show.”

While it is possible that the extreme rhetoric from some Black citizens might have incited this type of heinous crime, as of RegalMag.com press time there is no evidence to support that theory.

There is evidence that Miles had displayed violence towards police officers and mental incompetency long before the Black Lives Matter movement was birthed.

Claiming that Black Lives Matter is the reason for Goforth’s death is putting activists lives in just as much danger as those ignorant fools that encourage violence against police officers.

Those in the Black community that believe that Malcolm X encouraged such violence against police officers need to reread their history.


And those discrediting the Black Lives Matter movement and blaming it for random acts of violence need to realize that their thinking is the reason for the movement in the first place.

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