Men vs. Props with Britches

Men and males are two totally distinct species.

Men handle their business at all costs.

Men know how to command respect without resorting to physical violence.

Men know how to treat women and young girls with the respect they deserve even if they are rude to them.

Males only have a certain anatomy that distinguishes them from the opposite sex.

As my mother would say, some males are only props with britches and do not qualify for the title of “real men.”

The fired school resource officer Ben Fields from Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S.C. qualifies for the former and not the latter.

According to the Associated Press, “A deputy who flipped a disruptive student out of her desk and tossed her across her math class floor was fired on Wednesday.

“The sheriff called his actions ‘unacceptable’ and said video recorded by her classmates show the girl posed no danger to anyone.”

While many are blaming racism for the school resource officer’s use of excessive force, race does not have to even play a role in this instance of police brutality.

No grown man should ever flip and sling a child, especially a female, across a classroom floor for any offense, especially for something as minor as texting during class with her cell phone.

For those who support the school resource officer’s actions, which were filmed via cell phone cameras, I hope they supported NFL star Adrian Peterson when he faced child abuse chargers.

I hope they supported music manager Joe Jackson who has been maligned for decades for spanking his sons, the Jackson Five/The Jacksons.

Hell, I hope they support my father for the great way he raised me, because if they do not support the aforementioned Black fathers but support the fired school resource officer then we do have a racial component to this story.

The racial component is the double standard that exists when a White man is seen using physical violence as opposed to when a Black man does something far less severe.

Luckily, criticism of the school resource officer included Blacks and Whites, law enforcement officials as well as civil rights organizations.

Sheriff Leon Lott should be commended for his swift action but should take heat for criticizing the student.

Lott said, “The student was not allowing the teacher to teach and not allowing the students to learn.  She was very disrespectful, and she started the whole incident.  It doesn’t justify his actions.  But again, she needs to be held responsible for what she did.”

Although I agree that children need to learn to respect their elders more, no female should share responsibility with a man who puts his hands on her.

Women disrespect men all the time.

Some do it because they know a man will not retaliate.

And women who disrespect men do not deserve respect.

But they also do not deserve to be manhandled by a male.

A real man should know how to diffuse a situation with a disrespectful female by seeking a non-violent remedy or simply walking away from the situation.


Unfortunately for the young lady, Fields was not a real man that day.

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