We Have to Get Our Priorities Straight

Find success in corporate America.

Give back to the community.

But do not forget to let that same community tell you whom to marry.

One of the main reasons why the Black community cannot reach its full potential is because we want to hate on each other for the color of someone’s spouse, the college that one chooses to attend, the neighborhood one chooses to live in, the amount of money one has earned, the number of degrees one has earned and other foolishness that has nothing to do it with the rest of the community.

Because of that sad reality, philanthropists like Robert F. Smith pledging around $40 million to relieve college debt for Spring 2019 Morehouse College graduates is still not enough to keep his Black card, because of the White woman he chooses to share his credit cards with, his wife.

When many Internet trolls found out that Robert F. Smith was married to Hope Dworaczyk, a former White Playboy Playmate of the Year, many people questioned his blackness and dedication to the community because of the hue of his wife.

Giving $40 million back to the Black community was great, but why couldn’t Smith marry a Black woman?

The answer is quite simple.

He married a White woman because he wanted to.

Hopefully, he married Dworaczyk because he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Hopefully, he married Dworaczyk because she was God’s best for him.

And maybe he married her because she is beautiful to him.

Who a person marries is not a community service project.

It is a project that only concerns the two people involved in the relationship.

Furthermore, if Smith’s wife were a darker hue he probably still would not have married the Internet trolls criticizing him.

In Ice Cube 1991 song “True to the Game,” he rapped: “But I refuse to switch even though, cause I can’t move to the snow, cause as soon as y’all get some dough, you wanna put a White b**** on your elbow, moving out of your neighborhood, but I walk through the ghetto and the flavor is good.”

While Ice Cube’s preference is his business, everyone deserves to live their life how they choose.

As long as a Black man, or anyone else, does not think that the grass is greener on the other side, who he marries and/or dates should not concern the community because it is none of the community’s business.

As long as a Black man is not disrespecting Black women, what he does is his business.

As long as a Black man does not think that a woman has to have White skin, blue eyes and blonde hair to be beautiful, what he does is his business.

The Black community has real problems like mass incarceration, maintaining voting rights, ending police brutality, ending workplace discrimination and housing discrimination.

I fail to see how the color of Robert F. Smith’s wife fixes any of those aforementioned problems.

Additionally, I fail to see how the color of Smith’s wife skin has any adverse affect on the Black community.

Furthermore, the Black community foolishly has an obsession with who keeps their Black card and who has their Black card revoked.

Black billionaires probably laugh at that tomfoolery because some actually have an American Express Black Card and are in the black fiscally, while many of their critics struggle to pay their bills.

Unfortunately, often the Black community is its own worse enemy.

Many of us take pride in the way that we do things even though the way we do things has caused us to be close to last on the totem pole for everything that is positive and first on the list of everything that is negative.

The Black community is second to last on the list when it comes to wealth.

The Black community is last on the list when it comes to completing college within six years.

But the Black community is often first on the list when it comes to incarceration.

Maybe, it is time for the Black community to stop doing the things that we have done in the past, and refocus our energy on things that will bring positive change to the Black community.

As the old saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for different results.

If the Black community spent as much time building wealth as it does in tearing each other down for things that do not concern the rest of the community, then maybe we could make more progress.

If the Black community lifted each other instead of tearing each other down, maybe more successful Black people would give back.

The murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle in his own Los Angeles neighborhood is sometimes why wealthy Black people are scared to come back to the community and give back.

Obviously, the Black community itself is not totally to blame for those grim facts.

But it seems the Black community should worry about changing those facts before it starts worrying about changing the race of Robert F. Smith’s wife.

Instead of hating on a man for doing things that you would not do, how about doing things and focusing your efforts on things that really affect your life and the lives of those around you.

Also, many have also incorrectly assumed that having a White wife on his arms has made Robert F. Smith’s climb up the corporate ladder easier.

That is probably doubtful because many interracial couples say they face more discrimination because of their relationship, not more acceptance.

If some White billionaires have a problem with a Black billionaire joining their elusive club, they might have a bigger problem that he has a White model on his arm too.

It is just a shame that a Black man like Robert F. Smith can battle racism from White people who might not want to see him on top and then turn around and have to battle his own people when he finally makes it to the top.

  1. When I first read this article, I thought it may have been written by someone white until I reread the article “we have to get our priorities straight.’ I had never hear of Regal Magazine and it was my second time hearing about the Billionaire Robert Smith. The first time was when he paid off student loan debt, I thought was remarkable especially during the pandemic.
    Secondly, I don’t think that black people care about who a rich black rich marries, because we have gotten use to it. No black woman is surprised because its a choice.
    Thirdly, the only problem was when the white women divorced the black rich man, then the black man would look for sympathy from the black community. There was no sympathy.
    If if it wasn’t for racism and discrimination, black people could be a lot further. I guess you are are not familiar with Tulsa Oklahoma bombings. It wasn’t black people that burnt down the homes of affluent black people, it was white people. It wasn’t black people who lynched slaves, it was white people. It’s not just black people killing black people, it’s police going into homes with “no knock warrants’ unless you have not seen the latest news. Who were Ahmad Aubrey’s killers, Breonna Taylors Murderers, George Floyd murderers and others.
    Who has been in control of the power and wealth. Not black people but many blacks have become wealthy because they dared to dream. Many black people are college educated and we have had 7 black presidents of the U.S. for 1 hour or one day, because white people did not want a man to be president. Our eighth president was a bi-racial black man. Now we have one bi-racial black woman as Vice President, so we are proud of their accomplishments. In case you have not checked, there are 5 black women nominees for Supreme Court Justice. Who who wants to delay the confirmation hearings, not black people, Mitch McConnell, Manchin and Senema (white people).
    So what if Ice Cube’s lyrics commented on how he felt, that was years ago. Was he telling the truth? As a black man, it was his opinion. Black people are called the “N” daily. Some black men do not like it when a black woman marries a white man. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You don’t have to be disrespectful but many times we are.
    If Robert Smith’s wife was a playboy bunny, play toy or porno model, it’s his “prerogative.” Look at you calling black people voicing their opinions on the internet “trolls.” You are no better. You can’t blame the victims for injustices and disparities that they did not create. At the end of the day, you are black too. Whatever, comes upon black people, you will also be affected by the outcomes of voter suppression, and the George Floyd Bill. We are all entitled to our own opinion.

  2. Thank you for this article! I completely agree. I

  3. Thank you for this article! I completely agree.

  4. Robert F. Smith used Morehouse graduates as a shield. He engaged in widespread IRS tax fraud and turned on his mentor and co-conspirator. He is a thief, a crook He isn’t someone to be proud of. Black People should look at Black men like Robert as shameful. He marries outside his group to a woman with no education and low morals. She was basically a prostitute. Rich men use women like Robert’s wife as side chicks but they don’t make them their wife. Only a Black man would do that. So stupid! He’s an embarrassment!!

  5. Can’t trust any “brotha” that gets with a white. Period. This sounds like an article written by a coon or a tether who’s probably with a white woman himself.

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