It’s a Thin Line Between Sensitive and Soft


Since Adam met Eve, men have been asking the same question, “What do women want?” 

For the longest, women use to complain because they wanted men to be more sensitive, while still being strong. 

I'm grateful that some men finally stripped away their hard exteriors, stepped away from the football games, and finally took their woman off mute and listened to her.  

Thank you all for being more sensitive, more sensual, and loving. There’s just one teeny tiny problem; some of you have become TOO sensitive! 

We wanted you to be more Maxwell and you went too far and became Keith Sweat. 

Being too sensitive in relationships can often leave a woman feeling less secure in the relationship, and you don’t want her feeling this way.  

According to, Professor Gurit Birnbaum, head of the experimental psychology program at the Interdisciplinary Center, indicates that women don’t find “responsiveness” (sensitivity) in a man to be sexually appealing. 

You want to turn your woman on, not off. 

If you are a super sensitive man, allow me to help you get back on the strong and sensitive side. 

I’ve compiled a list of examples to tell if you are a strong and sensitive man, or if you’ve crossed over and are too sensitive. 

To Cry or Not to Cry, That is the Question

Most women don’t want a man that’s too hard and never cries. 

We like to see that you have a sensitive side. I believe it actually shows great strength to shed a tear when certain situations call for it. 

However, if you cry because you are having a bad day, you can’t pay your phone bill, or because your barber retired, get over it! 

To see a man cry consistently scares women. 

We look to men to be more emotionally stable, and to calm us down. 

When you are in a relationship, and crying every other day, that woman won’t consider you marriage material…or consider you for anything else either. 

Jealous or Dramatic?

Guys, when you love your lady and everybody is trying to flirt with her, or guys from her past keep emailing her every two months to see if she’s still attached, it’s OK to be a bit jealous. 

It shows the woman that you really care about her and you are serious about a monogamous relationship. 

But when you are checking her phone logs, emails, purse, and calling her job to see if she’s “really working today,” you have crossed over to the cast of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” which equals dramatic. 

You are too sensitive. Get a grip and evaluate your relationship and see why you are so insecure.

Groomed or Pampered?

I love that men are now getting their feet and nails done. Or that they get facials to slough away dead skin, or get massages to unwind. Hey, the way I see it, men come home in a more relaxed mood, right?  

But when you are looking at your hands and making statements like, “I need to get my cuticles pushed back” or “I can’t go to the movies because I didn’t get my facial today,” Houston we have a huge problem! 

That’s too sensitive, too much for a woman to deal with, and we are thinking take your pampered feet and precious hands and walk to the left, and never come back.

Responsible or Defensive?

When you make a mistake, because you will, strong people take full responsibility for their part. 

It’s hard to admit you are wrong and it actually shows your softer side when you can admit your mistakes. 

Now, when you can’t admit you are wrong because your emotions are clouding your judgment and you’d rather argue about your feelings, and not the facts, you are being too sensitive and need to calm down and think about the situation and not your emotions.

Snuggle Time or Smothering Time?

To the guys that understand we like being held by our men, I say thank you on behalf of all women! 

This is what we have been asking for. Even Martin Lawrence referred to quality time in his stand up “You So Crazy.” His girlfriend kept complaining about spending quality time. 

If you are in a relationship and you’re not spending that kind of time with your loved one, the relationship may be in danger. 

Now, on the other hand women don’t want to be all in your face all day and all night. 

We have to work, pray, eat, catch up with our friends, take care of the kids, and have some alone time. 

Yes men, women love quality time with themselves too! 

If you find your lady asking you repeatedly, “Don’t you have something else to do?” back away and simply give her some time. 

Please refer to the section Jealous or Dramatic, and don’t get dramatic on her, be confident enough where you two can spend alone time, alone!

My Feelings are Fine or My Feelings are Hurt

We all have critics or have people that say harsh things to us or about us. Who cares? 

It says a lot about a man who won’t let others’ words bother him. 

We also appreciate that we can tell you when we have a serious problem with you and you take it into consideration. 

However, if critics, harsh words, or your girlfriend being honest with you, bothers you to where you can’t rest, you are too sensitive, and you take small things to heart. 

If you take small things to heart and it worries you to death, we are wondering how will you handle bigger things other than words? 

Remember the old saying “Sticks and Stones…?” Well, repeat it. Then repeat again until you believe it!

To my highly sensitive men, we appreciate you trying to get in touch with your softer side, but toughen it up just a bit. 

If you are wondering if you are too sensitive, ask your lady how she feels because only her thoughts matter.  

If you don’t have a lady to ask, and if you are wondering if you are too sensitive, you probably are. 

However, if you decide you are just a highly sensitive man, be confident in who you are. I’m sure you will find the right woman to love you and all of your sensitivity. 

So whether you are a Maxwell or a Keith Sweat, don’t worry, someone will come around and like your tune!

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