Romantic Ideas for Men: All it takes is Some Creativity

Does this sound familiar? “Romance is dead in this house! You don’t take me out anymore. The only time you are sweet is when you want to have sex!”

Men, I’m sure as you are reading this, you are also picturing your lady with her hands on her hips and her rolling her neck! If you are tired of hearing her complain about your romance game or lack thereof, I’m here to help!

According to Men’s Health Magazine, the problem with the romance is that men and women may view romance differently. Some men think it’s only about the gift, but really it’s about the thought that goes into the gift.

Every year on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, I see a ton of men running into the grocery store to buy flowers and a card! Really?

Let’s back up! Fellas, when you walk in your home the day of with a card that didn’t have much thought to it, and with the worst flowers in the store because all the better ones were taken, your woman knows, and deep down her feelings are hurt.

A woman wants to be first on your list. We want for our man to always think of our well-being, and we use your romance as a barometer of how you truly feel about us. So if you love her, show her.

Here are some romantic ideas for men.

Sometimes romance isn’t typical, but can still show her you care about her. According to Debby Herbenick from Men’s Health Magazine, “For married or live-in couples, romance doesn’t have to mean chocolate and flowers. Try vacuuming and doing the dishes. That shows you are part of a team, and that’s sexy.”

When I come home from work at 9 PM and pull into the garage, I will hear soft music and I know my husband has cooked me dinner.

Not only did he cook, but as I come into the dining room my plate is on the table. And it’s really romantic when he does the dishes too!

Men trust me, women love this. The next time she’s had a long day, bathe the kids, clean up the house, and cook. She will appreciate you for it.

On her birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or any holiday of the sort, start to put thoughts in your gift.

Ask her a month before what she may want.  Then surprise her with what she talked about.

If you go buy her a card, take the time to get one that expresses just how you feel about her. If you want to get flowers, go to a florist and find the meaning of all the flowers, then do an assortment of flowers and explain to her how each flower symbolizes your affection for her!

One of the best times to do something special for your lady is when the day has no significance at all. We like to call it “Just Because.”

I know being the wonderful men that you all are, you are busy! You have a career, bills, kids, and your lady, but if you could make a mental note to do something special for her here and there, it would mean the world to her.

Some small things you could do are send her a nice text message, or email; give her a massage; download some of her favorite songs; wash her car; and give her truthful compliments.

Or you can surprise her with tickets to a concert or play, buy her perfume, pay for her to go to the spa, take her to a nice restaurant, and yes trips to an island are always nice!

Romance doesn’t take much and I guarantee if you give her what she wants she will give you what you want, SEX.

Pastor Mel Ayers of In His Presence Church in Woodland Hills, Calif. says, “Husbands want sex and women want time. And in order for the husband to get sex he has to give her time and attention.” 

So men, when you are trying to set the scene sometimes it doesn’t have to be just about sex. Romance her, make her feel sexy. How do you do that you ask? I will tell you.

Light some candles. Play her favorite love songs. If you don’t know what that is you can never lose with Luther Vandross.

Tell her to put on your favorite outfit and compliment how she looks. Give her a massage and ask her about her day. And actually LISTEN.

You may start to see the trials she deals with daily and you may start to appreciate her more. Laugh together. Tell her you love her and only her. And then….OK I think you got it from here.

Don’t let the romance die in your house. Revive it. With these romantic ideas for men you should have your woman happy, in love and floating on air!

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