It’s Time for Zimmerman to Man Up and Accept Responsibility


            In Exodus 20: 13 God says, “Thou shall not kill,” but I guess George Zimmerman thought that meant everyone excluding himself.

            In his first lengthy interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News, George Zimmerman, the man who claims he killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin in self defense, says the killing of Martin was in “God’s plan” while apologizing to Martin’s family and America for polarizing the nation.

            George Zimmerman must represent a growing movement in America, one in which everyone and everything but us is responsible for our negative behavior. 

If someone sells drugs it is because drug dealing is the only option for people living in their community to make real money. 

If a man runs out on his children and participates in any criminal behavior it is because he did not have positive male role models in his life to show him how a real man carries himself.

            What happened to self-accountability?  What happened to realizing one’s mistakes and doing whatever it takes to correct those mistakes?

            In my humble opinion George Zimmerman is a murderer and should spend significant time behind bars.  To me, he alone is responsible for Martin’s death.  But obviously he does not see it that way.

            George Zimmerman told Hannity that most media outlets rushed to judgment after Martin’s death and he believes people like Spike Lee and Rev. Al Sharpton owe him an apology for making this incident a racial issue.

            He also mentioned that his life is in danger because of bounties put on his head by organizations like the New Black Panther Party. 

Although I believe the New Black Panther Party is wrong for placing the bounty on his head, maybe now George Zimmerman can empathize with the fear that Martin felt when he realized his very existence was in danger.

            Zimmerman said Martin’s murder was in God’s plan, but as Tracy Martin stated, “We must worship a different God.”

            Saying that this murder was in God’s plan is the equivalent of saying that it must have been in God’s plan for someone’s wife to divorce them after that person committed adultery 10 times. 

Or it must have been in God’s plan for someone to get fired from their job after they cursed out their boss.

            Yes, the God I serve constantly turns negative into positive, but many of the negative predicaments people find themselves in are because of their own sinful nature, not God.

            George Zimmerman said that he wished there was something he could have done that would not have put him in the position to take Martin’s life.  In all actuality there was something he could have done to avoid that situation.  If he would have done what a normal person would have done and what the 911 dispatcher urged him to do, which was not to follow Martin, then his senseless murder would have never occurred.

            God gives us all free will to do what is right or what is wrong, and unfortunately Zimmerman chose the latter. 

Martin is gone, and that was definitely not God’s plan.  Who knows what that young brother could have grown into, maybe the second Black president of the United States?  Unfortunately, we will never know what plans God had for his life.

I just hope that it is in God’s plan that Zimmerman spends a significant amount of time behind bars for obstructing God’s plan for Martin’s life.

Smith is publisher of Regal Magazine, a publication dedicated to the African American community.

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