Seeking a Better Life

Many parents desire to give their children a better life.

When parents take their children out of poor performing schools, it is probably because they feel like a better school will better prepare their children for a better life.

Parents often move their children from violent environments to less violent environments to provide more safety for their children during their adolescent years.

Wanting a better life is often why people pack up and leave their home in search for a new home.

The British settled in the American colonies because many were upset with the tyrannical rule of the British monarchy and excessive taxes.

The early Americans sought a better life for themselves, just like the people from the so-called s-hole countries in Africa and Haiti, a comment allegedly made by President Donald Trump.

So what makes European immigrants different from African, Haitian or Latino immigrants? 


The color of their skin is the only difference, so when President Trump says he does not want immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean, instead preferring Norwegian immigrants; it is simply a matter of race.

And no matter what Trump supporters say to the contrary, if a person keeps saying racist things, it is hard to believe that the person does not harbor racist feelings.

According to, 10 major factors will make a person migrate to another country.

The reasons include: to escape persecution based on race, religion, nationality or political views; to flee conflict and/or violence; to find refuge after a natural disaster or environmental catastrophes; in search of better healthcare; a way out of poverty; more opportunities for their children; better educational opportunities; to reunite with other family members; better jobs and more business opportunities and marriage.


So while Norway is probably a great country, people will always immigrate to another country because they find fault with the country they currently live in.


Norway has a great economy because of natural resources like oil and minerals and a robust exportation of seafood like salmon.


Healthcare is free for children under the age of 16.


Norway is one of the richest countries in the world and considered by many one of the most beautiful countries.


Therefore, it is doubtful that Norwegians are in a rush to leave a vibrant and gorgeous country like Norway to come to America.


And if people move because their homeland is a s-hole, then America must also be a s-hole in the minds of some Americans because people like Stokely Carmichael (born in Trinidad and Tobago) and James Baldwin left America for a better life abroad, one hopefully free of systemic racism and oppression.


Some of the countries that immigrants come from might be poor.


Some of the countries that immigrants come from might not have the best healthcare.


Some of the countries that immigrants come from might be war-torn or decimated because of natural disasters.


But some of America’s best and brightest came from poor parts of America.


Some of America’s best did not have healthcare growing up.


Some of America’s best come from cities like Houston and New Orleans that were destroyed by natural disasters.


Some of America’s best come from neighborhoods plagued with gang wars and gang violence.


But like the late rapper/actor Tupac Shakur once said, some of the people from the worst areas are like roses that grew from concrete.


This nation is filled with successful people who came from turbulent backgrounds.


And if America turns away people that come from s-hole areas, they might be turning down the best and brightest because it’s not always the person that starts the race in first place who ultimately wins the race.


And despite what President Trump says, America is supposed to be the country that allows people to compete regardless of where they start.

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