Damage Already Done, Mr. President

Imagine yourself as a new parent.

Sure, you grew up in your homeland in Central America all of your life and survived into adulthood, but you want a better life for your eight-month old child.

Gang violence, poverty and a lack of opportunities riddle your home country until it gives you no hope for your child’s future.

So you decide to walk hundreds or even a thousand miles to look for a better life in America.

You know that crossing the border is illegal and a great risk.

But you know staying in your country poses an even greater risk for your eight-month old baby.

Breaking the law could result in jail time.

You are well aware of the possibility because living free in your homeland does not represent freedom by any stretch of the imagination.

When American officials detain you and your family you are not surprised or dismayed.

But never in your wildest dream did you think that American officials would take your eight-month old from you and take the baby to a different detention center.

What if the baby needs nursing?

What if the baby has an illness?

What if the baby dies?

What if you die?

What if the baby is kept away from you so long that you do not even recognize the baby when you are reunited?

Those what ifs have become reality for some illegal immigrants thanks to President Donald Trump’s brief inhumane policy that looked a lot like what happened during slavery and at the Japanese interment camps during World War II.

Thankfully, President Trump reversed his policy of separating children from their immigrant parents, but the damage is already done because it will be a logistical nightmare to reunite some of those separated families, and thousands of children might be separated from their parents for the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, those on the right will say that the separation law became policy under former President Bill Clinton.

However, President Clinton has been out of office for almost 20 years, so Trump needs to take responsibility for his own actions.

If he knew that it was bad policy under Clinton, he has to have enough common sense to know that under his presidency, it is still bad policy.

Although many people argue that criminals always get separated from their children when they go to a jail for a crime, the babies do not always get totally separated and ripped away from their entire family and given over to strangers.

Furthermore, the parents’ crime is a misdemeanor and how many times are children ripped from their parents’ custody over a misdemeanor.

Few argue that the illegal immigrants have broken the law and should face punishment.

I have no problem with a zero tolerance at the border.

But I also have zero tolerance for people with a lack of heart and a lack of common sense.

And I have zero tolerance for separating families for a minor crime.

How can any sane and compassionate individual hear the cries of innocent children and still support a policy that looks like what happened to enslaved African-American families?

The families should face detainment until the cases get sorted out.

However, it does not take separation of parents and children to achieve the goal unless the goal was just to push forward one’s political agenda.

President Trump’s brief enforcement of that policy was just more proof that the only person or persons he cares about have the last name Trump, and he will do whatever it takes to push his political agenda forward, no matter who he destroys in the process.

First Lady Melania Trump proved that she does not care either with her wardrobe selection yesterday.

She boarded a plane wearing a jacket that read, “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?”

Although her staff said her jacket was just a fashion choice, anyone with common sense should know that that was a bad fashion choice considering her previous criticism of her husband’s brief policy.

Her tone deaf fashion choice has critics questioning her sincerity and care for the displaced immigrant children and rightfully so.

Point blank, children should not get used as pawns in Trump’s childlike game that he plays against anyone not named Trump or anyone who does not worship at the altar of The Donald.

Furthermore, those who say that criminals often get separated from their children and family must not know that all crimes do not get treated the same.

Non-violent criminals often do not get their families divided in such a way.

Different crimes deserve different levels of punishment and the crimes committed by these illegal immigrants did not warrant such an abhorrent punishment.

Additionally, America supposedly does not believe in cruel and unusual punishment.

Separating parents from children in a strange country to score some political points definitely constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

However, wise men once said give a person enough rope and they will hang themselves.

While Trump continues to blame Democrats for his own enforcement of a policy, blood will rest in his hands if this policy results in death, significant injury or the permanent separation of any of these children.

If Trump’s old policy continues to cause so much controversy across political aisles, it might be the nail in his presidential coffin.

If that happens, Trump will have no one to blame but himself.

Although Trump had backed off his decision to separate parents and children, the possible indefinite displacement of thousands of children will be something he cannot escape.

Sure, diehard Trump supporters will support him even if he murdered their entire family in front of their face. 


But independent voters who voted for Trump might have second thoughts in 2020.

As a Democrat, I believe that the country leaned too far to the left under President Barack Obama.

As a Christian, I believe under President Obama the country got away from God’s will.

And as a businessman, I think the country can sometimes spend too freely under liberal leadership.

However, as a Christian, how can I support anyone who divides families and calls it conservatism?

How can I support anyone who believes being strong means being a heartless jerk?

How can I support anyone that calls hearing crying and scared immigrant children making America great again?

If that is making America great again, I do not want any parts of it.


I do not want any part of this presidency.


And I cannot wait until 2020.

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