Not a Pioneer, Just Another Prejudiced Bigot

New York politician Valerie Smith is not a pioneer no matter how one looks at it.

Racism and bigotry has been present in America since the 1600s (and earlier), so there is no way a racist like Valerie Simpson is doing anything pioneering.

There were “pioneers” in Rosewood, Florida who ran Black people out of the city and took their property way back in the 1920s.

There were “pioneers” in Tulsa, Okla. in the 1920s that destroyed Black Wall Street because the Blacks of Tulsa were more affluent than their White counterparts.

And there were “pioneers” in Vidor, Texas in the 1990s that ran all of the Black residents out of the small town in the name of racial pride and White supremacy.

So when wannabe Southampton, N.Y. politician Valerie Simpson defended her pervasive use of the n-word because she is a pioneer, and also the fact that Eddie Murphy made a career out of the word, she needs to be corrected because her “pioneering” racism has been pervasive in American culture for centuries.

But who knows?  If the n-word is now a term of endearment for some and orange is the new black for others, maybe the word pioneer is the new word for racist.  


If that’s the case, maybe Valerie Smith is a pioneer after all and real pioneers like baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson and President Barack Obama need a new adjective to describe their historic lives.

According to, “Valerie Smith, a White woman from Southampton, Long Island [thinks] that she is entitled to use the n-word because she is a ‘pioneer.’

“The woman who is running for the Village Board in Southampton used the slur in a call to the police and told the Southampton Press that she converted her street from a ‘rodent infested dump’ into an oasis and often intervened in public disturbances while calling people that word.”

In her call to police, Valerie Smith referred to some Black men drinking Hennessey on the street as n-words, later explaining that Murphy made a Hollywood career out of that word, so she should be able to use it.

With all due respect, Murphy was never really famous or infamous for using that word, but his role model Richard Pryor was with albums like “The N*****’s Crazy” and “Supern*****.”

However, Pryor refused to speak that word in concert after a trip to Africa dissuaded him from using that racial slur.

So if the Black comedians that Smith thinks made a career out of the word somehow saw the evil in that word and refused to use it later in their career, it is not OK for a potential politician to use that word when describing her constituency.

Furthermore, the argument that White people should be able to use the n-word because Black people use it is ridiculous because some White people refer to other White people as poor White t****, but one would be hard pressed to find a Black politician who referred to their White constituency as poor White t**** and still got elected into office.

As a child, I grew up in a predominantly White suburban neighborhood and sometimes my White neighbors would call the cops on my friends and I for such “crimes” as playing basketball in a driveway.

Some of them might have even referred to Black people as the n-word.

However, I never looked at them as pioneers.

I looked at them as being extremely ignorant.

Ignorance has been present on Earth long before I was born and will be here long after I am dead.

There is nothing pioneering about being ignorant when it comes to race relations or anything else.


Valerie Smith just shows that ignorant is not a strong enough adjective to describe her stupidity and that dictionaries and history books must be hard to find on Long Island or illiteracy is very prevalent in the Smith home.

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