Black Super PAC Could Make a Real Difference for Black Lives Matter Movement



Marching, especially during the Civil Rights Movement, brought attention to the horrors faced by African-Americans during the ugly days of Jim Crow.  Marching, especially on Bloody Sunday, paved the way for the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

However, in order for the Black Lives Matter Movement to really make a huge impact and eliminate police brutality, money from supporters needs to go to a 527 Super PAC that works to remove elected officials from office who do not act swiftly when police officers kill unarmed African-Americans.

When the African-American community holds police chiefs and elected officials accountable for their inaction as it pertains to the murders of unarmed African-Americans, then real change will occur.

The firing of Chicago Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy by Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proof that change can happen when pressure is applied.

According to, “McCarthy has come under fire after video was released of teen Laquan McDonald being shot more than a dozen times by a White police officer…

“Protestors have been calling for McCarthy’s dismissal for days in response to the handling of the McDonald shooting.  The Black 17-year-old was shot 16 times by a White officer in October 2014.”

Black Super PACs are nothing new but the right classification can make the difference between a Super PAC that encourages people to register to vote versus one that can support specific candidates.

If mayors have to battle against Black Super PAC money it may speed up action against police departments responsible for the deaths of so many unarmed African-Americans.

During President Barack Obama’s reelection bid a Super PAC called the 1911 United Super PAC, consisting of members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. (both founded in 1911) formed as a 527 instead of a 501(c)(4).

Under a 501(c)(4) they could only encourage voters to register but could not tell them who to vote for.  

Furthermore, they could accept more than $2,000 from donors by registering as a 527 Super PAC.

Black Lives Matter needs to follow in the footsteps of 1911 United Super PAC and begin raising money from supporters and voting people out of office who do not take the movement seriously.

The marches are cool.

Boycotting retail stores through the Christmas season shows our buying power and may command more respect for the community.

However, boycotting Black Friday and the entire Christmas shopping season can also lead to a lot of Black-owned stores being run out of business and may cause many Black employees to lose their jobs if companies have to downsize.

Furthermore, the taxes that we pay on purchases go to fund a lot of programs that benefit poor and minority families.

We do not need to see more poor African-Americans lose their job or see more Black-owned companies shut their doors.

Although I hate to see anyone lose their job, if someone has to lose their job let it be politicians and police chiefs who seem indifferent to the plight of the African-American community.


And that could be done via a Black Super PAC.

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