Show Our Military Appreciation

By Todd A. Smith

          They put their lives in harm’s way everyday to protect our freedom.  They show bravery in the midst of battle overseas, that we cannot even possibly imagine.  And recently, they were forced to display that same bravery while facing an onslaught from one of their own, as Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on his military brethren at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 13 and injuring another 29.

            As we celebrate Veterans Day 2009, the sacrifices that these brave men and women make on our behalf should be praised by showing the military appreciation on a daily basis, not just on a couple of holidays throughout the year.

            As civilians, we sometimes complain about the everyday hurdles of life; the struggle of paying bills, finishing a degree or disciplining a child.  While at work, we just pray that we can make it through the day and return home to the comfort of our living room and big-screen television.

            However, when our brave men and women go off to work every day, they do so with the knowledge that this could very well be there last day, and that there is a good possibility that they will not return home that evening or return home in the same condition that they left.  They do their jobs admirably on a daily basis, not to achieve fame or personal glory but to protect Americans and protect people throughout the entire world.

            Seldom do they receive the recognition they deserve for their services, but Regal Magazine would like to formally show the military appreciation for all that they have done throughout the years and extend our condolences to the 13 families that lost a loved-one as a result of the senseless violence at Fort Hood.

            A few of our fallen Fort Hood heroes include; Francheska Velez, 21, and her unborn child; Michael Pearson, 21; Amy Krueger, 29; Jason Dean Hunt, 22; John Gaffaney, 56; Aaron Thomas Nemelka, 19 and Russell Seager, 51.

            One of the biggest heroes in this tragic event is civilian police officer Sgt. Kimberly Mulney who wounded the suspect despite being shot twice in the legs and once in the wrist.  According to friends of Mulney, she is in great spirits and is looking to get back to work so she can make a difference in other people lives.

            As a society we often look to celebrities as our heroes.  Nowadays, all it takes to be considered a hero is to accumulate a little fame and fortune.

            But the true American heroes are those who put their lives on the line for people they do not even know on a daily basis, to ensure that their lives are safer.  The real heroes are our military service men and women, the local police officers and members of the fire department.

            So as we celebrate the day set aside for our veterans, I hope you extend a handshake or hug to those in our armed forces, just as a gesture to show the military appreciation for all of their sacrifices.

            And Regal Magazine hopes that you show the military appreciation 365 days of the year, honoring them every day for their heroic sacrifices that they make to ensure that America stays the great country that she is.  Thank you!

Smith is publisher of Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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