Lock Him Out

Do your remember when Republicans erupted after former President Barack Obama wore a light tan suit?

Many conservatives criticized President Obama for not looking presidential as if only a dark suit fit the definition of presidential or professional.

Do you remember when supporters of President Donald Trump shouted, “lock her up” in reference to Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton at campaign rallies?

Supporters of President Trump bluntly stated that Secretary Clinton should face prison time for using her private email servers and committing other “sins” that put America’s national security at risk.

And do you remember when former President Bill Clinton actually faced impeachment for lying about a sexual relationship with a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky?

Foreign countries laughed at America for wasting taxpayer dollars to pry into the private sexual life of their leader as if that was not a matter for his wife to handle behind close doors.

But when Trump does something illegal, unethical and immoral, many of his supporters and Republican colleagues, act as if what he constantly does should be excused as if he is above the law.

Straight up, Trump will not be removed from office because his Republican colleagues in the Senate do not care about the country as much as they care about power.

Furthermore, many like Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) are too cowardly to stand up to the thug in the White House for fear of alienating their voters who should not be respected anyway if they continue to give Trump a pass on his treasonous behavior.

Sen. Graham, who used to be known for standing up for right over wrong despite party affiliations like the late Senator John McCain, has become a shell of himself during the Trump presidency.

In honor of the president that he fawns over so much, he should be granted the nickname, “The Cowardly Lion” because he has no courage at all.

And Trump’s nickname should be “Lawless Lunatic” because his repeated efforts to have foreign leaders meddle in American elections show a total disregard of the law, patriotism and the American people.

Anyone who is more interested in his own success than the success of the country is not fit to lead the country.

Furthermore, anyone who gets away with a “crime” and then goes right back to committing the same “crime” is the definition of lawless and/or mentally unstable.

And a person that has the power to wage war has to have the right mental health and mental outlook or he or she could put the country in grave danger.

Trump desperately wants to become an American dictator.

That is one of the reasons he gravitates and salivates over dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

But Trump is actually not the biggest problem when it comes to the Trump presidency.

Trump’s cult-like followers are the problem when it comes to Trump’s thuggish behavior.

It is as if some of his supporters do not care enough about what really makes America great and all they care about is following their “messiah” to the pits of hell on Earth.

As much as I respected former President Obama, I totally disagreed with him on many of his policies.

I voted for Obama, but I never worshipped Obama.

The former president was never going to make me look stupid just because he did something stupid.

But some of Trump’s followers will follow him off a cliff because they refuse to think for themselves.

However, Trump did say he loved the poorly educated.

Translation, he loves those that are not too bright.

That type of hero worship is dangerous for all involved.

Trump is not making America great by any means.

His view of America is the opposite of what our forefathers fought for in the American Revolution.

Americans wanted a country free from tyranny, but now America has a tyrant named Trump in the White House.

Our forefathers fought for checks and balances in government, but now we have a president that refuses to get checked when he is clearly in the wrong and out of control.

American founders wanted a country that embraced freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

But instead, we have a fake president who calls the truth fake news if he does not like the stories that reporters report.

He even had the audacity to say that he was mad at Fox News because they do not work for him anymore.

Hello Mr. President.

The news media does not work for you or anyone other politician.

The news works for the people, and the news media is like the fourth branch of government

because we have to hold our elected leaders accountable for their own ignorance and stupidity.

Without the news media, former President Richard Nixon might have gotten away with the Watergate scandal of the 1970s.

Without a true news media, Americans might find themselves brutalized by dictators like the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

President Trump wants to become American King Trump and he wants his children to become America’s little princes and princesses.

But true royalty exudes elegance and grace, not greed, lawlessness and corruption.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William and the late Princess Diana represent and represented Great Britain with class and sophistication.

They understood what it meant to represent a nation.

As journalist Stephen A. Smith would say, they are and were “class personified.”

But as rapper Jay-Z once said, “you can pay for school but you can’t buy class.”

However, schools have lockdowns, a procedure they use so people cannot come in the school doors during an emergency.

Unfortunately, America is in the midst of an emergency because of the lawlessness of this president.

But if Trump supporters can shout, “lock her up” to Clinton, Trump opponents should say “lock him out.”

Which means lock him out of the office because he is unfit and unbecoming of the office of President of the United States.

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