Unfinished Business



While the American people suffer through high energy and gas prices, Congress goes home. While the American people are delaying the decision to see a doctor because of the lack of affordable health care, Congress goes home. While the American people are losing their homes because they can no longer pay for them, Congress goes home.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

House Republicans right now are on the floor of the House debating an array of topics, some of which have nothing to do with the pressing issues of the day. It may be a ploy; however, it is symbolic; symbolic of the need to call Congress back into session to finish their unfinished business. As a Democrat, I’m both disappointed and appalled at the lack of work done on the behalf of the American people during this session of the 110th Congress. Barely any of the appropriations bills were passed, most were never even “marked” up (for those who understand appropriations language), means considered and decided on. The economy is in shambles, rampant corruption charges on several high profile Representatives and Senators.

Is this the Congress we voted in November? No.

Congress told us, specifically the Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca), that President Bush would not receive a blank check from the Congress. However, quite to the contrary, that is just what he received. We are still in Iraq with no end in sight, spending money over there that could be better used over here, said in my thickest New York accent.

Reports come out last week that HIV/AIDS in the African American community rivals that of some African nations, yet more money goes overseas than in our own states and cities.

All I see is more of the same. Congress needs to come back in session and finish the work. How many everyday Americans can go home without completing their assignments at work? How many everyday Americans work three to four days a week and still complain about possibly going to five? How many everyday Americans would still have a job if they failed to do a core principle of their job, to vote? The answer is not so shocking.

The Governing System needs a serious wake-up call, and it might not come on Election Day.  

Sumpter is a contributing writer for Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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