Playing by Different Rules

By Todd A. Smith

          Chris Brown is back in the news again and not just for his new album F.A.M.E. either.  Brown blew up and vandalized a dressing room, breaking a window, after being interviewed by Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America.”

            Although, Roberts was wrong for continually bringing up his assault of former girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown must recognize that his life will be forever examined under a microscope and he will always be linked to that negative incident.  He must simply learn how to deal with it and truly “forgive all his enemies” as the acronym of his new album suggests.  

            In high school I was known throughout the Houston’s amateur basketball scene as being a hothead.  I had a temperament similar to Chris Brown and still to this day when I see former high school classmates and teammates I am reminded of my temper and my immaturity.  Often I am extremely upset that as a grown man I am reminded of things that I did decades ago.  However, many people will only see the negative and not the positive because they are negative people, which is their problem not mine.

            Chris Brown must find a better way to vent when he is angry and not in a television studio for the entire world to see.  When Chris Brown reaches a level of maturity to where the criticism does not bother him, then the critics who bash him will seem immature, not him.

            However, now he has given ammunition to his critics who were unsuccessful in trying to curtail his recording career and now have reason to avoid doing business with the controversial star.

            Having an anger management problem is something that can be overcome, but often people suffering from temper issues need to find alternative ways to blow off steam.

   is now criticizing Chris Brown for going to New York’s West 4th Street basketball court following his “Good Morning America” incident, insinuating that he was not remorseful for his actions earlier in the day.  However, I totally disagree with their insinuation that playing basketball was the wrong way to blow off steam.  In actuality, it was an excellent way to blow off steam.

            Many men have to find ways to blow off steam that allows them to be physical without being violent and Chris Brown simply used basketball as a way to release that adrenaline.  Whether it continues to be basketball or other sports like boxing or weightlifting, Brown has to learn that there are a million ways to blow off steam, but blowing it off violently will never allow him to distance himself from the Rihanna beating.

            Although the treatment he received from Roberts might have been unfair, after he tried desperately to shift the focus of the interview away from Rihanna back to his new album, he has to accept the fact that he is playing by a different set of rules now.  And unfortunately, if Chris Brown does not learn how to adjust his game of life to the new rules, he will forever be back in the news and not for his once-promising Hollywood career.

Smith is publisher of Regal Black Men’s Magazine, a publication dedicated to the African American community.

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