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Message to Manchin: No Bipartisan Support Should Be Needed to Do Right Thing by Todd A. Smith
GOP didn't wait for bipartisan support to try to overturn 2020 presidential election
Published: Friday 11 June, 2021
NFL Starting to Remind Me of Can't Get Right from 'Life' by Todd A. Smith
NFL assumed Black players had lower cognitive function when determining payouts from brain injury lawsuits
Published: Friday 04 June, 2021
'Verzuz' Has to Eventually Integrate by Todd A. Smith
'Verzuz' has to diversify without alienating core fanbase
Published: Friday 04 June, 2021
Dominique Wilkins, Other African-Americans Feel Your Pain by Todd A. Smith
Unfortunately, many African-Americans have horror stories of restaurants refusing to serve them
Published: Friday 28 May, 2021
Media Should Put Some Respect on Kwame Brown, Others' Names by Todd A. Smith
Media personalities do not have to be jerks, idiots to build their brands, careers
Published: Friday 21 May, 2021
Mistrust of Police in Black Community Goes Back Decades, Centuries by Todd A. Smith
Decades of police abuse reason Black community does not trust investigations into police shootings
Published: Friday 21 May, 2021
Critical Race Theory Would Destroy Privilege, Champion Equality; That's Too Much for Those Who Benefit from Racism by Todd A. Smith
Teaching critical race theory won't make young White students feel guilty; it makes racist adults feel guilty
Published: Friday 14 May, 2021
America Has Always Been Racist, But The People, Not Politicians, Can Fix That by Todd A. Smith
Despite what Scott, Harris and Biden said, America still racist
Published: Friday 30 April, 2021
Some Conservative Media Personalities Should Be Ashamed of Reaction to Chauvin Verdicts by Todd A. Smith
Instead of capitalizing on unifying moment, some conservative media personalities chose to spread divisive rhetoric
Published: Friday 23 April, 2021
What Happened to Nazorio Similar to What Happened to Black Soldiers Returning From World Wars by Todd A. Smith
Serving one’s country means nothing to some that protect, serve if soldier does not have complexion for protection
Published: Friday 16 April, 2021
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