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Who is surprised that Carolyn Bryant Donham, the White woman who alleged that Emmett Till, 14, whistled at her in 1955, will still not face charges for her alleged role in the lynching of an innocent kid?

Chuck Johnston reported, “A grand jury in Mississippi has declined to indict the White woman who accused 14-year-old Emmett Till of making advances toward her nearly 70 years ago, allegations that led to the Black teen’s brutal death.

“A Leflore County grand jury last week heard seven hours of testimony from investigators and witnesses but said there was (not) sufficient evidence to indict Carolyn Bryant Donham on charges of kidnapping and manslaughter, according to a statement from District Attorney Dewayne Richardson.”

The grand jury heard witness testimony highlighting the investigation into both crimes the goes back to 2004, releasing a statement explaining its decision not to press charges.

The statement reads, “After hearing every aspect of the investigation and evidence collected regarding Donham’s involvement, the Grand Jury returned a ‘No Bill’ to the charges of both Kidnapping and Manslaughter. The murder of Emmett Till remains an unforgettable tragedy in this country and the thoughts and prayers of this nation continue to be with the family of Emmett Till.”

Whether it is 1955 or 2022, America is still America and will remain a country that values White lies more than it values Black lives.

But it is still infuriating that this woman will not face judgment for her alleged role in the lynching, this side of heaven.

However, our God still sits high and looks low, and Donham will soon have to answer to her Maker for her sins and transgressions because Jesus Christ cares not about White supremacy or White privilege.

But thanks to hatred and evil in the hearts of so many so-called Christians, sin has become justified and seen as justice to a people who have perverted God’s Word for centuries.

For hundreds of years, some White people who claim Christ as their personal Lord and Savior have made a mockery of His will and His word.

I am obviously assuming that Donham considers herself a Christian.

But even if she does not, I can almost guarantee that some White people that approved of the lynching of Till claim to represent Jesus Christ.

Some White people have misinterpreted the Bible to condone slavery.

Some White people have misinterpreted the Bible to condone racism and oppression.

And some White people have misinterpreted the Bible to support other forms of discrimination and oppression.

Some White people who claim Christianity as their faith love to speak out on sins like adultery, abortion and other sexual immoralities.

However, many turn the blind eye to their sins and the sins of others who look like them or vote like them.

When God speaks about loving thy neighbor as you love yourself, do you honestly think He is merely speaking about your physical next-door neighbor or the other people on your street or boulevard?

Of course not.

God means that you should love everyone in the same way that you love yourself.

God also speaks about loving your enemy.

Therefore, if a person calls themselves a Christian, they are committing at least two sins when they oppress people because of the color of their skin or other things that make them different than you.

So, all the White preachers that sit in pulpits today and ignore racism and oppression, while speaking about other sins are ignoring their duty as pastors to preach the entire Bible.

All the preachers that taught White supremacy and hatred from the pulpit are major culprits in the sickness of racism that still inflicts the American people.

While Donham, and people of her ilk, will definitely answer to God in the next life, some White pastors must recognize their power in ensuring that no one falls victim to hatred like Donham or William “Roddie” Bryan, Travis McMichael and Greg McMichael who sit in jail for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

Hatred did not result in Donham spending the rest of her natural life in prison.

But hatred has caused several White people like Bryan and the McMichaels to relocate from their comfortable lives to the penitentiary.

Hatred is taught.

And just like it is taught it can be un-taught, and pastors have a great opportunity to do that because of their influence over their congregation.

So, shout-out to all the White pastors who make it a point to speak out against racism and all forms of hatred.

Bur more need to follow their lead and be true leaders in fixing America’s original sin of White supremacy.

Until more do, America will continue to see more Donhams, more McMichaels, more Bryans and more Derek Chauvins.

Because people do not want to talk about racism, racism as a sin, and certain sins in general, many people probably do not see anything wrong with the hatred in their heart.

If the pastor condones hatred, why shouldn’t lay people?

If leaders do not condemn hatred, why should their followers?

Pastors and various community and political leaders seem to have no problem speaking out against the sins and problems that they dislike.

It is high time that those same pastors and leaders speak out against the sins that they seem to like and love.

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