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Articles by Natalie Goode-Henry
Natalie Goode-Henry is a contributing writer for
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Have Black Male R&B Singers Lost Their Soul? by Natalie Goode-Henry
Black male R&B singers struggle for mainstream notoriety in era dominated by Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and Sam Smith
Published: Friday 19 December, 2014
Whatever Happens to those Exonerated After Wrongful Convictions? by Natalie Goode-Henry
Many who endured wrongful convictions say money not enough to make up for loss time
Published: Friday 07 November, 2014
Why Famous Movie Characters Cochise, Radio Raheem Resonate by Natalie Goode-Henry
Famous movie characters from Black cinema have eerie correlation to real life experiences
Published: Friday 27 June, 2014
Men Reveal Their Teenage Celebrity Crush by Natalie Goode-Henry
Men revisit their youth; fantasize about their teenage Hollywood crush
Published: Friday 09 May, 2014
Can Nick Cannon's 'Soul Train' Re-Launch Stay on Track in 2014? by Natalie Goode-Henry
Media mogul plans 'Soul Train' re-launch this year
Published: Friday 07 March, 2014
Should NAACP Image Awards Honor White Artists Thicke, Timberlake by Natalie Goode-Henry
NAACP Images Awards facing criticism for honoring White musicians with 'Black' award nominations
Published: Friday 07 February, 2014
Ohio Players Lead Guitarist Launches Solo Career by Natalie Goode-Henry
While still performing with the Ohio Players, Clarence 'Chet' Willis releases solo debut
Published: Friday 27 December, 2013
Fans Debate Who Should Join Prince at Essence Festival 2014 by Natalie Goode-Henry
Essence Festival 2014 marks 20th anniversary of music fest
Published: Friday 13 December, 2013
Fans of TV One's 'Unsung' Give Suggestions for Next Season by Natalie Goode-Henry
TV One's 'Unsung' has become a fan favorite for old school R&B fans
Published: Friday 20 September, 2013
OWN Content: Is Oprah Winfrey Network Too Black? by Natalie Goode-Henry
OWN content, once criticized for lack of diversity, now criticized for too much diversity
Published: Friday 23 August, 2013
Fans Discuss Favorite Episodes of 'Martin' by Natalie Goode-Henry
Many episodes of 'Martin' remain classic because of superb writing, relatable stories
Published: Friday 07 June, 2013
Teachers' Affairs with Students: Exposing Double Standards by Natalie Goode-Henry
Despite double standard, teachers' affairs with students have same effect on males, females
Published: Friday 03 May, 2013
Who Should Portray POTUS, First Family in Potential Obama Film? by Natalie Goode-Henry
Hollywood has tailor-made script if it chooses to produce biographical Obama film
Published: Friday 18 January, 2013
What Black Film Remakes Would You Like to See with White Cast? by Natalie Goode-Henry
Movie fans debate what film remakes they would support with all White cast
Published: Friday 28 December, 2012
Many Former Inmates 'Imprisoned' Again by Unemployment by Natalie Goode-Henry
Thousands of former inmates are released each year from prison; what are their employment prospects in midst of recession?
Published: Friday 27 April, 2012
Narrowing Achievement Gap in Education Between Blacks, Whites by Natalie Goode-Henry
Educators discuss ways to close achievement gap in education
Published: Thursday 18 August, 2011
Reinventing Yourself Key in Economic Recession by Natalie Goode-Henry
Career success can come after reinventing yourself
Published: Friday 10 June, 2011
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