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Men Relive How They Proposed to Their Wives by Todd A. Smith
Men share proposal stories, things they would do differently now
Published: Friday 30 November, 2018
Many Say Interracial Marriage Good for Society by Golden Herring
Nine percent say interracial marriage bad for society
Published: Friday 02 February, 2018
Should Men Receive Spousal Support From Ex-Wives? Fellas Debate by Todd A. Smith
Men debate whether ex-husbands should receive spousal support from ex-wives
Published: Friday 21 July, 2017
How to Choose the Best Man As Your Actual Best Man by Golden Herring
Choosing the best man for your wedding should be a reward for friendship, loyalty
Published: Wednesday 25 November, 2015
What Makes a Woman Wife Material? by Golden Herring
Many men list things like loyalty, ambition and inner, outer beauty as qualities to be wife material
Published: Friday 17 April, 2015
Is Marriage Proposal from Future Bride OK? by Renee Rivon
Men discuss whether they are OK with marriage proposal from their lady
Published: Friday 05 September, 2014
What Happens When Sex With Your Spouse Ceases? by Renee Rivon
Couples discuss how to deal with the complexity of sex with your spouse
Published: Friday 26 April, 2013
Women Proposing to Men: Fellas, is it OK? by Shannel Douglas
Women proposing to men could lead to men feeling emasculated
Published: Friday 15 February, 2013
The Dilemma: How to Handle Being Married with Single Friends
Being married with single friends will test one's loyalty, faithfulness
Published: Friday 28 September, 2012
Open Marriages Open For Some, But Not Others
Hollywood seems to embrace open marriages, but many still vehemently oppose it
Published: Friday 25 May, 2012
Ups and Downs of Living Together Before Marriage
Individuals share experience of living together before marriage.
Published: Thursday 22 April, 2010
Male Infidelity: Why Did You Get Married?
Male infidelity makes many wonder, why some men even get married?
Published: Thursday 01 April, 2010
The Low Black Marriage Rate and the Pretty Woman Syndrome
Why don't pretty women get married and do they contribute to the low Black marriage rate?
Published: Thursday 24 September, 2009
Planning a Wedding On a Budget
Author teaches couples about planning a wedding on a budget.
Published: Thursday 19 February, 2009
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