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Luchiano Visconti Boasts Bold Colors in Spring 2014 Fashion Line

by Golden Herring

Spring Colors and Designs for All Occasions

          Letís be honest, most men could care less about a spring color as opposed to a winter color.  If it matches (or even if it does not), men will wear anything in the closet that is clean.

          However, it is time to step up our game and dress accordingly to the seasons.  As the pollen continues to fall and Easter is fast approaching, it is time for us to update our spring wardrobe, and Italian designer Luchiano Visconti has the perfect collection for spring 2014.

          What sets this collection apart is the boldness of Luchiano Viscontiís 2014 spring collection.

          The talented designer is not afraid to combine colors that you do not usually see together and features paisley and polka dots on many patterns.

          Luchiano Visconti has something for everyone.  If you do not believe me, check out the details and qualities:

        Striped shirts would look good with vests and checkered ties

        Dress down the shirts by wearing with blue jeans

        Dress up the shirts by wearing with slacks; particularly navy slacks

        Some of the shirts have a seersucker vibe, which is fashionable for spring and summer

        Shirts have a cool, breathable fabric

        Wear shirts with sleeves up or down; wear sleeves up for casual look

        Shirts look different with flipped up sleeves because of the different splash of color on the inside, which makes it versatile

        Some shirts have paisley design; some have polka dots

        The designer is fearless with colors; matching colors that usually do not go together (no color is off limits)

        Colors are very stimulating visually

        Short sleeve shirts would make for great beachwear; short sleeve shirts are something Pharrell Williams would wear with his ďHappyĒ hat

        Even has denim shirts

        Very comfortable to wear

        Fits well

        Does not run too big; not very baggy

        Can wear to church, on a date and casual day at work

Luchiano Viscontiís fashion is so versatile; it should be a welcome addition to any manís wardrobe.  Click here to view the entire 2014 spring collection.

This article was published on Friday 11 April, 2014.
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