Hawaii is the number one vacation destination for Regal Magazine readers (Canadian Press via AP Images).

Black Men’s Top 10 – Favorite Foods, Top Vacation Spots

By Meta J. Mereday

If you have been following our latest round of articles, you will know that Regal Magazine has been polling its readership to get their favorite choices on a wide range of topics from sports legends to our top celebrity women. This piece will showcase the foods that warm their hearts and the top vacation spots that spark their imagination.

In our top 10 favorite foods, we start out with that great gobble, gobble—we are talking about the smoked turkey and the favorite part on that Thanksgiving or Christmas centerpiece is the wing.

In second place, we head off shore with fish, whether it is baked or fried, our male readers enjoy the chase to catch them and the final results ranging from fried catfish to broiled salmon.

The third place favorite is not a specific item, but a type–Italian food especially spaghetti, lasagna and that rounded favorite—pizza!   

In fourth place, it is not a meat and can be seen in a tasty vegetable dish or delicious dessert – the sweet potato. 

Back to the ocean for the fifth choice – seafood, yes, our discerning men like choices—lobster, clams and shrimp (oysters anyone?), whether they are plain or dressed up.

The sweet spot is number six with desserts including peach cobbler and chocolate cake. Carnivores still reign in numbers seven and eight with pork and beef respectively.

More vegetables to balance the meals in number nine featuring collard greens and smothered cabbage.

And with an homage “to dear old mom” or pop depending on who did the cooking, comfort foods including meatloaf and gravy, chicken noodle soup and shrimp and grits have claimed the tenth spot.

Now, what does one do after eating all that great food? They think about all the places they can go to work it off and enjoy some sun, sand and sea.

Our readers are clearly world travelers as reflected in their top vacation spots.   The Hawaiian Islands came in first, especially Waikiki Beach and with the new “Hawaii

5-0” on television, interest in the islands is returning.

We had a tie for the second spot on our top vacation spots list with Puerto Rico and The Bahamas. Their beautiful beaches and close proximity to the Eastern Seaboard bode well for our travelers to enjoy the many amenities on both.

And it is an easy island hop to number three on our top vacation spots list—the Virgin Islands.  Maintaining the beach front allure with another set of ties; fourth spot includes Cancun and Cozumel and in the fifth spot, we have the more elusive Aruba and Cayman Islands.  

While those islands are closer and similar, our next two top vacation spots have a lot in common, but a good distance between them.  While Miami has South Beach all the beautiful people (according to some) and great food holds the sixth spot, it is Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro that takes center stage in the lucky seven spot, showcased by the sultry carnival atmosphere and luscious beach front making it a vacation paradise.

The final three are combinations worthy of being a part of the ranking.  The eighth spot encompasses South Carolina’s vacation spot trio – Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach and Charleston where good food, great golf and historic beauty come together.

The European trio – London, Paris and Rome—hold court and reflect the global tastes of our readers.

Finally, where would our list be without the West Coast wonderlands of North America including California and Mexico?

So much to see and do here and abroad!  So, do you know the way to San Jose? There is more than one. Check them all out and enjoy!

Mereday is a contributing writer for Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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