Hitting the lakes and the oceans are always popular choices for a family reunion.


Summer, Summer, Summertime

On D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s 1991 classic song “Summertime,” Will Smith rapped, “All the kids playin’ out front, little boys messin’ round with the girls playing double-dutch, while the DJ’s spinnin’ a tune as the old folks dance at your family reunion.”

As the rapper formerly known as The Fresh Prince eloquently stated in the aforementioned song, summertime is always special, whether it is having a few months off from school, making a little extra money at a summer job or reconnecting with relatives at the annual family reunion.

The months of June and July are especially popular for family reunions.

However for many, gathering at Grandma and Grandpa’s house every year can become too monotonous.

Therefore, many take their family reunion on the road, visiting new cities every year in the process.

Furthermore, with so many historical places, a family reunion location can be a place that educates and enlightens, not just a place that entertains. 

Since family reunions are special, RegalMag.com has a list of five special locales that will broaden the family’s horizons and produce lifelong memories for the entire clan.

Enjoy your summer and enjoy these exciting places.

Washington, D.C.—The African-American Museum at the Smithsonian might be a hard ticket to obtain, but it is worth the effort.  After that, visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on the mall.  To inspire the kids, check out the campus of Howard University.  Before you leave, please visit Ben’s Chili Bowl, a local institution in the district.

Atlanta—Where do we begin when discussing “Hotlanta?”  There is so much Black history in the ATL; there might not be enough time to enjoy it all.  Visiting Auburn Avenue is a must, the location of the King Center, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s childhood home and Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Since inspiring the kids is always a must, take the kids to see the new Tyler Perry Studios.  Atlanta is also home to some of the best Historically Black Colleges and Universities like Morehouse, Spelman and Clark Atlanta.

Memphis, Tenn.—The home of the blues is a great city for the entire family because the city is filled with entertainment as well as education.  The adults can visit the many blues bars on Beale St. while the youngsters and adults can learn some Black history by visiting the National Civil Rights Museum (Lorraine Motel) where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968.   While Detroit gets props for its musical icons, Memphis is no joke either and the Stax Museum is a great place to visit as well. 

Minneapolis—Before 2016, Minneapolis and surrounding areas might not have been on the top of the family reunion destination list.  But after the tragic death of music icon Prince, Minneapolis is a must because African-Americans finally have a Graceland-like museum in Paisley Park.  The ladies in the family will not complain about spending an entire day at the Mall of America either.  Visit the beautiful Target Field for a game featuring the surprisingly successful, Minnesota Twins.  For the outdoor lovers, Minnesota is filled with many lakes, so take the kids out for some time in the water.


Detroit—The Motor City is experiencing a renaissance, especially downtown.  Even before the revitalization, Detroit was special to African-Americans because it is the birthplace of the great Motown Records.  Visit the Hitsville, U.S.A. museum to experience the Motown Sound before taking in a baseball game Comerica Field.  The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History is a must for history buffs.  Sports lovers will enjoy the Monument to Joe Louis.  Once the children are asleep, enjoy some adult entertainment at one of Detroit’s many popular casinos.

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