profiles the best cities to travel to for New Year’s Eve.


Party Like It’s 2019

There is no place better to bring in the New Year than Watch Night services at one’s church home.

But if hitting the streets is your thing, why do the same ole, same ole every year?

Partaking in adult beverages and smoking cigars at your best friends’ house is cool.

But don’t you get tired of the monotony?

So why not take a trip this New Year’s Eve?

Yes, we know that it is already Dec. 28 and flights and hotels will cost an arm and a leg this late in the game.

However, there is no price tag when it comes to having a good time.

Furthermore, why not try something different over the New Year?

People often say that they want different results in the New Year, but often stay in their comfort zone, scared to participate in anything new.

It is time for African-Americans to expand their horizons and do things that are not stereotypically associated with our community.

Do not get it twisted; still loves Miami, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Atlanta and other domestic cities.

But for New Year’s 2019, the African-American community should try to broaden its horizons.

Therefore, has compiled a list of must-visit cities for New Year’s 2019.

There is probably so much you have not seen in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia and Regal knows the right places to visit in North American and beyond.

Denver—What’s wrong with African-Americans skiing? And like comedian Cedric the Entertainer said in the 2000 concert film, “The Original Kings of Comedy,” African-Americans do not even need skis. All African-Americans need are church shoes. The Rocky Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful day in Denver. Combine the attractions of downtown Denver with a trip to a ski resort. The city also has an enjoyable fireworks celebration to bring in the New Year.

Cape Town, South Africa—One of South Africa’s most picturesque cities is Cape Town. The city’s fireworks display on New Year’s Eve is second to none. More importantly, Cape Town’s restaurants are second to none as well. Try some of the Portuguese restaurants in the city. For those that enjoy the nightlife scene, visit Cape Town Vineyards. And if you are trying to beat the cold weather, Cape Town is just entering their summer season.

Rio de Janeiro—Brothers often do not need an excuse to visit Brazil. But be warned. If you are married and want to maintain your relationship, do not ever visit Rio de Janeiro without your wife. On New Year’s Eve, visit Copacabana Beach and enjoy the fireworks and musical acts. If you like nature, visit Sugarloaf Mountain and Corcovado and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful panorama views.

Hong Kong—Sure, New York has a fantastic skyline. But have you ever seen Hong Kong’s skyline? If not, there is no better time to take it in than on New Year’s Eve. Also, check out the fireworks display set to music at Victoria Harbour. You will not even have to leave your hotel room, probably, because many of the best lodging places have a perfect view for the fireworks display. The crowd begins gathering at least two hours early at Star Ferry Pier to enjoy the theater, dance and circus performers.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates—Like Brazil, many brothers visit Dubai on a regular basis. But New Year’s Eve always provides a better and more entertaining experience than the other 364 days of the year. Be sure to check out the skyscraper Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Visitors gather at the footsteps of the skyscraper to take in Dubai’s magnificent fireworks show. Dubai has a reputation as a top destination for foodies, and you cannot go wrong no matter what restaurants you choose. And if your wife is getting on your nerves and you need some me-time, drop her off at Dubai Mall, which is one of the world’s biggest malls. With all of the damage she can do in that gigantic mall that should free you for about eight to 10 hours, hopefully.

Moscow—There has never been a better time to travel to Russia than under the administration of President Donald John Trump. Americans pose no threat to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the residents of Moscow thanks to President Trump’s infatuation with President Putin. Therefore, you will probably be able to take in the sites and unique architecture with no problem. Sure, Putin might kill his countrymen and the nation’s journalists. But if someone from the KGB questions you, tell them you voted for Trump and you are glad he allowed Russians to influence the American election in 2016. That should definitely save your life and probably get you VIP treatment.

Orlando, Fla.—For that family-friendly brother who wants to bring in the New Year with his brood, Orlando is the ideal place. Central Florida is blessed with warm weather year round and with the Magic Kingdom of Disney, there is fun for people of all ages. Walt Disney World throws a New Year celebration like no other with parades, light shows, a pageant and star performers. Universal Orlando Resort has the world’s largest dance floor for revelers to dance the night away as the clock strikes midnight.

New York City—Everyone should witness the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in Times Square at least once in person. The problem is the crowd sets up many hours in advance to get a good spot. Therefore, a Depends diaper might be necessary to handle your business while maintaining your spot in the crowd. Additionally, the brutal cold of New York City might be a shock to those who come up from Down South.


Dallas— is a Houston-based online publication. Therefore, it is hard for the Regal Mag staff to give Dallas props for anything. We “hate” the Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers and Stars (just kidding). But we do not hate the city of Dallas. Dallas is lit. And the people of Dallas love to party and know how to party. Therefore, Dallas is a great place to bring in the New Year. Furthermore, if history is your thing, “Big D” has tons of history to learn about.

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