Making That Getaway More Enjoyable and Affordable

By Meta J. Mereday

As more people are experiencing lay-offs, others are taking this time as a ripe opportunity to take off for vacation destinations outside of the United States, or at least to locations close by. 

Affordable travel is taking center stage as couples and families are using the “great escape” to take their minds off of their problems at home and regroup. 

Summer vacations provide opportunities for students and educators to “ride on the wild side” on the beaches of Florida or the Caribbean, but in some cases the best time frames for affordable travel is when you least expect it and when there are less crowds.

Also, it can be very rewarding to visit locations that are off the beaten path.  Let Regal Magazine help you to determine how to make that vacation more enjoyable and affordable.

First, sites such as Kiplinger’s provides vacation goers with tips for affordable travel that include checking out fall packages ranging from great deals all along the U.S. beach fronts to European travel locations. 

Their reviewers even suggest last minute planning is a way to capture affordable travel deals and special incentives.  While most travelers would shun northern climates after Labor Day, there are many “steals and deals” in markets such as Canada and Alaska that  can still provide an affordable travel experience and lasting memories for couples and families. 

If cruising the high seas is your thing and you are looking for an affordable travel site, try

This engaging site provides access to over 300 travel agents who are in competition to give you the best deal for your voyage – whether you are planning well in advance or aiming for a last minute junket. 

This site can lay out all the particulars for the trip and some hidden extras if you are able to travel off season.

For land lovers who want to try something other than the more established or sites, the educated traveler can check out to find out great last minute deals at international hotels and deep discounts.

For a more cozy stay at a smaller inn or B&B, search for hot deals and affordable vacation spots that include special amenities such as hot tubs and fireplaces.  Make it a warm and fuzzy holiday.

Now that you have lit the fire under your vacation planning, it would help to have more locations to add to your affordable travel portfolio. 

For great fall vacation destinations, the experts agree that the Pacific Coast is your best bet because you worry less about trip cancellations due to hurricanes.

Also, vacation spots like Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta and even Costa Rica have summer like weather year round. 

For affordable travel spots on the mainland in the fall, check out the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the festive Jersey shore or the Hamptons of New York.

Vacations are a personal experience and only you can decide the best time and destination for you and your loved ones.

Incorporating an affordable travel model into your planning process reduces the pre –travel stress and helps to stretch your dollars so that you can just stretch your legs and enjoy.

Mereday is a contributing writer for Regal Black Men’s Magazine, a publication dedicated to the African American community.

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