Surprising your significant other with a romantic meal on a day other than Valentine’s Day is always a good idea.


What Do Men Really Want?

It does not take much to keep the fellas happy. But men do want to have their lady cater to them sometimes.

And just like anyone else, men like creative gifts from their ladies and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for ladies to show their men how much they appreciate their love, loyalty and dedication.

But what do men really want for Valentine’s Day?

While there is not one answer that will please all men, because all men are different, scoured the Internet to find out what men would love to receive from their significant other on Feb. 14.

Furthermore, added some of its own suggestions to make the list unique.

The answers that men gave ranged from the sensual to the sporting arena.

So ladies, check out the ideas that men gave and pick the perfect gift for your man this Valentine’s Day.

Basketball/hockey tickets—Many people cannot afford Super Bowl tickets, but a regular season NBA or NHL game is much more affordable. If you all are financially blessed, tickets to a suite for the game is always a good experience because your man can be spoiled with appearances by the team’s cheerleaders and all of the food and adult beverages that he can handle.

A surprise on any other day than Valentine’s Day—Just like women, men expect to get gifts on Valentine’s Day, Christmas and his birthday. But why not surprise him with a candlelight dinner with his favorite meal and wine or hard liquor after a hard day at work. After the romantic dinner, a nightcap would be the perfect end for the night.

Gift cards—Gift cards are often criticized because many think that giving them shows a lack of creativity. However, that is usually true only if a person does not know what store their significant other likes to shop at. Many men love things from Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble. Or if your man is a techy guy, get him a gift card to splurge on the latest technological advancements.

Music streaming subscription—While iTunes gift cards might seem outdated for some music lovers, surprise your significant other with a subscription to a music streaming service like Apple Music, Tidal or Spotify.

A weekend getaway—Like anyone, stress and the monotony of life can drive a person insane. Sometimes getting away is just what someone needs to rejuvenate. Treat your man to a special resort, whether it is golf resort, ski resort or other type of resort. If you cannot afford to leave the city, drop the kids off at a friend or relative and treat your man to a night away at the most chic downtown hotel in your city.

Start designing a man cave—If you have space at your home, surprise your man with designs for his own getaway space within the house and every birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, you can get the man cave close to perfection. Buy some memorabilia from your man’s favorite sports teams, buy him cigars and a humidor and stack the refrigerator with his favorite beer.


Golf or tennis lessons—If your man thinks he is Tiger Woods, but more like Tiger Hood, get him some lessons from a golf coach. Also, if your man thinks he is Arthur Ashe and he is getting burnt on the tennis courts, get him some much-needed tennis lessons.

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