Online dating sites like are some of the few places where girls ask guys out more than the other way around (Photo Credit:


Venture into the World of Online Dating Where Girls Ask Guys Out More Often


Some men dream of having a great relationship just like their female counterparts.


Yes, you want love. 

Yes, you want the spouse of your dreams, and to live in a three-story townhome in the middle of the city with one child because you and your partner love travelling, dancing on Fridays and worshipping on Sundays. 

Now where can you find someone who fits this particular type? 

Stop reading your horoscope trying to find out about your love match. 

You no longer need astrology thanks to the modern technology of online dating. 

It’s hot, it’s at your fingertips, and the woman for you could be on the other side of your computer screen. 

Have you tried it? 

I know you are thinking, why get online when offline you are tired of being rejected by what seems to be every woman that has a pulse? 

Well, online dating is different, and you may be filling out your online profile stats after reading this article. 

Some men are less likely to try online dating because they are anxious over constantly being rejected offline. But online may be a safer route for some. 

Statistics are higher for women to make all the initial moves online versus in person. 

Could you get accustomed to this alternate universe? 

How is online dating different from traditional dating, and why are women making faster moves online? 

Can you get used to girls asking guys out? 

I know men are tired of going after women. 

Seeing them out and taking a risk to walk over and give them your best spill, only to have her roll her eyes, suck her teeth, and tell you she’s not interested. 

Is it time for change? 

Nearly nine – in – ten Americans are registered with an online dating service and five percent of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship met each other online according to


A study conducted by reveals that when it comes to connecting online women don’t want to wait. 

Online dating is a resource where the numbers are higher for girls to ask guys out. 

You could meet a plethora of women, which would give you more options at your fingertips, and hey, at least this way you don’t have to buy her a drink to find out her name and watch her walk away.

I know the men are wondering why are women actions different online than offline that are having girls asks guys out first?

LaTonia McZeal understands why girls ask guys out first online. 

“Women become bolder than they would in person and they know it’s a numbers game and if you are truly looking for a partner no time to idle wait. They have to take charge,” she said.

Once the statistics were shown to Sally Jones about girls asking guys out she believed the stats. 

“Then maybe that’s been my problem. I’ve been waiting on the men to contact me first. I guess they are too busy responding to all the girls asking guys!”

Now before you rush off to start your profile page, here are a few do’s and don’ts of online dating that will help your odds of a woman initiating a conversation with you and continuing to talk with you.

Don’t be married!

 Thirty percent of married men are on online dating sites, according to 

Jones says, “Unfortunately there are a lot of married men online. I talked with this guy on the phone everyday for a month, and the day we were supposed to meet his wife called me.”

  Another No No… Don’t ask her for a sexy picture right away. 

Remember there are all types of women online and you don’t want to run any good ones away.


Olivia says, “Right after I would give men my number I noticed a lot were asking me for pictures. It happened so often I realized that some women must have been sending a lot of naked photos right off the bat. Not every woman wants to do that.”

Also, once you begin chatting with a potential date, do ask her if she wants a relationship regardless of what her profile says. 

McZeal continues: “Obviously those looking for a serious relationship may get more hits if they say they are just looking for fun. I can’t see this as something prevalent with women because they won’t get what they ultimately want.”

Just to be on the safe side ask her again just to make sure you both are on the same page. 

Aside from the major factor that girls asks guys out more often, what are other benefits for online dating?

  “Online dating is a haven for men especially for men who feel (they get) rejected too often in traditional dating. Online dating is a modern way of finding a variety of people in just one ‘café.’  [With] online dating you can meet hundreds of people from all over the world,” explains Greek Truth.

Once you are a successful online dater, do you become successful at finding a partner?

“Based on my experience I do not believe you can find your soul mate,” reveals Olivia.

Lisa disagrees: “I do believe you can find your spouse or soul mate online. I met my husband online. We went on our first date January 2012 and were married June 2012. I do believe that my relationship with hubby was quick and I do not encourage this to everyone, but I do recommend online dating to my friends.”

For the men who are looking for a special friend, girlfriend, or a wife and are tired of always having the ball in their court, online dating may be for you.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone without the pressure of wondering if she’s interested? 

If traditional dating has beaten you up, try something new. 

Put yourself in a position where girls ask guys out, and this way you won’t have to buy her a drink to find out her name. 


That will come later on your first date.

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