Rejection is Just Part of the Game

By Bruce Brown

            The approach…Somewhere during coming up with an ice breaker, you end up talking yourself out of approaching a woman.

            The fear of rejection takes over you and it’s hard to shake things off. 

            Just so you know, rejection from women is based on the way you approach and meet them.

            Too many guys are oblivious to this and fail miserably when it comes to approaching women.  This causes men to blurt out anything that comes to their mind and as a result turn women off instantly.

            According to Indy magazine managing editor Jalisa Danielle, “No woman likes a thirsty, needy guy.  Being thirsty is a big turn off, especially when men continue to message or bother me even after they know you don’t want them.”

            What’s so different?

            Many men believe that in order to pull a beauty, you must be good looking, smart and successful.

            Funny thing is, these guys get rejected all the time too.  It’s part of the game.

            However, what sets them apart is how they deal with rejection from women.  Now initially, yes, those things do play a part in dealing with a woman you have never met before when it comes to physical attraction.

            Nevertheless, the way you follow through will determine if she will ever give you a chance.  Women seek a man that can give them more than the usual when it comes to being approached.

            Keep in mind, there is no way of bypassing failure before you reach success in the game of attracting women.

            In the process of learning how to become an attractive man, you will learn from your mistakes and eventually get good.  As long as you don’t take rejection from women personally, you will live to find a better prospect.

            Here are some things to consider: Now to be fair, women are too complicated to try and figure out their every move.  No man has all the answers or control of women, but one thing you do have control over is what you do.

            Fashion designer and promoter Kennedy Okeke states, “You must know yourself and how you respond to women non-verbal, and verbal.  You MUST take into consideration where, what and who the lady is with before you try to suggest a conversation.

            “A lady unknowingly gives off clues that men should sense before approaching such as body language…”

            All in all, rejection from women is part of the game and it happens to everyone no matter if you are GQ smooth or Steven Q. Urkel.

            Just relax and be confident in who you are and what you want.

            If you do not show confidence, nothing you say or do will have conviction.  When you are not confident it will show in your face and women can see this immediately.

            It’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to rejection from women, it will always be because of something you did or didn’t do and never something you are or are not.

            Meeting women is nothing more than a social skill.

Brown is a contributing writer for Regal Magazine, a publication dedicated to the African American community.

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