Finding Mrs. Right

By Todd A. Smith

            Just mentioning a committed relationship is enough to make some men cringe.  The thought of turning in one’s “playa card” and waking up to the same woman every morning is not something many men dream of.

            However, if you mention a committed relationship to a female, no matter how young or old, many begin picturing their dream wedding and spending the rest of their life with Mr. Right.  A writer once said that men and women are from different planets, but there comes a time when all men have to settle down and those planets must align and form a lasting relationship and possibly even marriage.

            Author Jack A. Daniels recently released his debut book entitled, The Man’s Handbook for Choosing the Right Woman: Understanding Our Relationship Roster & What Makes Men Afraid of Settling Down to help alleviate some of the fears that men have of entering a committed relationship.  Although he realizes that some men would rather get hit by a bottle of Jack Daniels than read his book, Jack Daniels the author believes every man would benefit from finding their soul mate.

            Most men would applaud the method that Daniels, an experienced counselor, suggests when searching for Mrs. Right.  He compares dating to something most men can relate to, sports, and suggests finding a starting five, before determining who your star player will be.  Daniels believes the interaction with various women will help men discover who they are and what they want from the opposite sex.

            “As men, until you have explored, experienced and expounded upon all of the components that comprise your character as a man, you will never be ready to fully commit yourself in a relationship,” Daniels said.  “And unless you have all of the components that make up the essence of a championship team you’ll never be ready to take on the competition you’ll face on your road to the championship game.”

            Daniels, who also writes a syndicated column called For the Fellas that is published in such cities as Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Houston and Miami, infuses humor, advice and insight in the book, while also giving men advice on entering a committed relationship and the female gender.  Men and women alike, some who usually do not even read many books, have all praised Daniels’ debut, especially as couples prepare for Valentine’s Day.

            “This is the first book I’ve read cover to cover in my entire 37 years,” said entrepreneur Terrell McKenny.  “I couldn’t put it down because it was talking about my life. It really forced me to re-evaluate how I’ve been living.”

            Non-Profit Executive Wandra Minor said, “This book is going to touch so many people’s lives both young and old.  His candor and down-to-earth delivery connects to people in a powerful way.  I’m so happy to see a young man advocating and motivating young people to discover themselves, their truths and how to build healthy relationships.  Our community and culture needs this voice.”

            The goal of The Man’s Handbook for Choosing the Right Woman is to give young men the skills and confidence needed to make a committed relationship work and become the man that their Mrs. Right deserves.


Smith is publisher of Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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